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Legalize Marijuana For Exportation And Not For Local Consumption - Daddy Bosco To Gov’t

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The debate as to whether to legalize and decriminalize cannabis (marijuana) is still ongoing in Ghana. There have been calls on the government to legalize cannabis (marijuana), popularly known as ‘wee’, in the country by some advocates who believe legalizing the hard drug would help improve the current economic situation in Ghana. On the other side, some proponents like former UN Secretary-General, Mr. Kofi Annan, while alive in one of his submissions also asked the government not to only look at the negative side of the hard drug but also think about the benefits that the country can derive after decriminalizing it. 

In an interview on SVTV Africa, the Chairman of the Rastafari Council of Ghana, Ahuma Bosco Ocansey aka Daddy Bosco has asked government to take a second look at the legalization of marijuana in Ghana. He told host DJ Nyaami that, the council want government to legalize the drug for exportation purposes only and not for local consumption.

“This whole talk about cannabis economy is not a new thing. The likes of Gabby Otchere-Darko and the late Kofi Annan and other advocates are all calling for the legalization of marijuana. As at now, Uganda is supplying Germany with Cannabis, Jamaican is supplying Canada with cannabis. All the council is saying is, government should call for a forum and let’s exchange ideas on how legalization of cannabis would benefit Ghana”

He added that, “if you look at the economic value, to export it, you need farmers to grow to it after it’s licensed. This will create lots of jobs and income for many and they will be able to pay taxes and then the industrial use is, you can use the cannabis wood fiber to make some of the strongest and most durable woods to build. In Germany, the cannabis fiber is treated to use to produce a car. So all we’re saying is, If Ghana does the right research and the right study, you’ll know that, you can use cannabis locally and also export it internationally. You can also use it for medicinal purposes and for industrial purposes and reap the economic benefits”

Daddy Bosco noted that, the notion about marijuana being a health hazard is not true and has no scientific basis but rather has immense medicinal benefits.

A 2015 United Nations Report stated that Ghana was number three in the global ranking of consumers of marijuana, remaining number one in Africa.

Some African countries are beginning to tap into the profitable industry following the global rise in the use of cannabis- roughly 16 per cent in the decade ending 2016, according to the recent United Nations Office on Drug and Crime (UNODC) drug report.

Following the extent of legalization observed in Europe and the Americas, in May 2018, Zimbabwe legalized growing marijuana for medicinal and research purposes, becoming the second country after Lesotho to do so. Lesotho had, in 2017, become the continent’s first country to offer legal licenses to grow marijuana.

 Marijuana users across South Africa were also full of smiles in September 2018, after a constitutional court ruled that private use of marijuana, locally referred to as dagga, is not a criminal offence.

 Obviously, Ghanaians are planting and using marijuana without permit, though, it is criminal. In this regard, if the intention of government is to commercialize and personalize the use of the substance, the focus should be to decriminalize and regulate it. Like in some other countries, when this is done, the economic benefit of taxing the commercial and recreational use of marijuana would be enormous and the threat to the mental health of those who use it would be obsolete. 

I Have Lost Interest In Ghana Awards - EL

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Ghanaian rapper and afrobeat musician EL has also added himself to the list of Ghanaian artistes who have downplayed the importance of awards in our music industry.

According to the “Kaalu” hitmaker, even though awards are there to encourage musicians but personally for him, he has lost interest in awards.

“You’ve notice that, the whole of last year, I’ve not partake in any awards. Because I’m not interested in any awards. I’ve lots of awards and I’m still receiving awards, so I’m not interest again. Now I want to make music for the fans, and allow the fans to award me and not an organization”

EL added that, since he received the prestigious VGMA Artist of the Year, nothing has really changed in his life just a plaque and the fact that, he won an award.

He furthered that, “I feel the world knows my efforts, you know…. so for now awards are on my heart maybe next year”

EL is out with his third single of the year entitled ‘EHUA’ which features rapper Joey B and Nigerian superstar Falz.

My Beef With Medikal Has Brought Me Great Interest Than I Thought - Strongman Confesses

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Rapper Strongman has open up on his beef with Medikal last week. The Kumasi based rapper admitted that, the beef has brought him great interest than he thought.

Strongman and Medikal engaged in one of the hottest lyrical feuds the music industry has seen last week.

The artistes had brutally attacked each other in a battle of words which also, unfortunately, left the reputations of their significant others to public ridicule.

In an interview on SVTV Africa after his performance at Kikibees karaoke with the stars, Strongman told host DJ Nyaami that, even though they both benefited from the beef, the beef has brought him some great returns more than Medikal.

“I don’t regret doing the diss song. Even though we both benefited from the beef, I have benefited more than him because currently to be honest, he is a bit ahead of me for now, I just need to accept the fact. I will benefit from the beef more than him because right now, he is hotter than I am, that doesn’t mean I’m not hot but he is hotter. So it will benefit me more than him”

The ‘Baby’ hitmaker added that, he is looking forward to do a collaboration with Medikal any time soon.

“Oh yeah it’s possible, I just don’t like the way he feels bossy, it pisses me off. But I’ve realized he has followed me on twitter and I followed him back so that’s the process because the two of us aren’t friends because of his behavior but due to the beef, a collaboration can happen and we can do a song together. We’ve iron out our differences and so if the need be, I will gladly feature him on a song”

Strongman however noted that, he is not ready to be signed unto any record label. 

Strongman Renders Unqualified Apology To All Women; Ask For Forgiveness

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Rapper Strongman has apologized for the near fisticuff that ensued between his fans and fans of Medikal during a beef last week.

Strongman in an interview on SVTV Africa after his performance at the KikiBees karaoke with stars expressed regrets for his jabs at Medikal’s girlfriend, Fella Makafui.

“Medikal feels bossy and that’s why I had to meet him with my bossy style. But for now Ghanaians should forgive us for dragging the women into it, it wasn’t cool but because he started it, I felt like I should also defend Nana Ama and that’s why Fella came in. So I’m still taking this opportunity to say sorry once again to everyone who got hurt for that part”

Strongman told host DJ Nyaami that, he will be more than glad to feature Medikal when the need arise.

“Oh yeah it’s possible, I just don’t like the way he feels bossy, it pisses me off. But I’ve realized he has followed me on twitter and I followed him back so that’s the process because the two of us aren’t friends because of his behavior but due to the beef, a collaboration can happen and we can do a song together. We’ve iron out our differences”

Strongman called on his fans and all Ghanaians to support his music and help promote his commercial songs just like they did during the beef.

I’m Still Battling With Drugs Despite Efforts To Quit - Former BBC Journalist Reveals

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A former Ghanaian BBC journalist has opened up on his drug addiction since 1982 when he became a drug peddler.

It will be recalled that, the former BBC journalist Paa Joe Odonkor revealed in an interview last year why he left his promising international career to become a drug dealer, commanding over $162,000, an equivalent of GHS728,336 in 1982 until he got busted in March 1984.

A year on, one would think that, the journalist-turned drug peddler has quit drugs and doing something better with his life but the situation hasn’t change, it remains the same according to Paa Joe.

In an interview on SVTV Africa, Paa Joe Odonkor told host DJ Nyaami that, a year on after he opened up on his drug peddling career, he is still battling with drugs despite the countless efforts to quit.

“If I tell you after a year I have stop doing drugs, I would be lying to God and myself. The thing is in my system and until I get a good rehabilitation center, I can’t stop taking drugs. People say once you get into it, you can get out at any time you want, that’s a lie…..unless you get a good rehab center to wash your system completely because you become a addicted after some time and the system gets saturated with drugs”

On whether he would like to quit or stop taking drugs, Paa Joe said, “Absolutely! If I get someone who will take me to a proper rehab center where there are doctors who will take you through the system”

He added that, although he was satisfied with his BBC job at the time, his lifestyle was "so big" that he had to look for a different source of income to sustain it and that’s what got him into drug peddling.

 He advised the youth to desist from drugs or any other vices that will not help them.

Paa Joe Odonkor furthered that, he is writing a book on drugs to advice the youth not to venture in drugs.

“I’ve started writing a book but had to put it on hold due to lack of funds. The thing is, I don’t have any experience, like banking or football, I don’t have any experience but when it comes to drugs, from processing it to heroin and cocaine, if awards were to be given, I would be more than a PhD holder or pass a Professor. So I really want to write a book to advice the youth because drugs can destroy both your spiritual and social life”

Paa Joe Odonkor called on government and corporate Ghana to help curb the menace of drug abuse in Ghana.

Brother Sammy would face GHC 180k fine & 15 years imprisonment if found guilty - FDA

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It would be recalled that Kumasi based Gospel musician Brother Sammy went viral on social media in a video inviting people to buy his product which he claimed it can cure HIV/Aids and other chronic diseases.

Following this, the Food and Drugs Authority in a press statement caused his arrest and alarmed the public that the said Gospel musician's product hasn’t been approved by their outfit and urged people not to patronize the product.

In an interview on SVTV Africa, the Public Relations Officer for the FDA, James Lartey told host DJ Nyaami that, Brother Sammy could be fined an amount of GHs90,000 minimum or 180,000 maximum if found guilty.

"We've reported him to the police because he has flouted our law. Well, this is an offence against the law, so we've left everything for the police. so the police will be doing the investigation and questioning, and if found guilty he will be sent to court...

According to the Public Health Act, Act 851...when you flout the law and you're found guilty, you'll pay a minimum fine of GHs 90,000 or maximum fine of GHs 180,000 and then if the Judge decides to jail you, the minimum jail term is 15years and the maximum is 25years or the Judge can say he will do both" he added.

Lartey, however, added that the FDA does not regulate spirituality, and so issues of spirituality don't fall under their jurisdiction.

He furthered that, the FDA will work assiduously to bring scammers and defaulters to book when caught selling unapproved products.

Earlier today, there were rumours that Brother Sammy has been granted bail after he was busted in the Ashanti Region with the aid of FDA.

Patapaa Brutally Assaulted by Some Unknown Assailants in Obuasi

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Information reaching SVTV Africa indicates Agona Swedru based popular singer, Justice Amoah popularly known as Patapaa and his crew has been brutally assaulted by some unknown assailants in Obuasi in the Ashanti region.

Pataapa over the weekend held his show ‘Patapaaa live in Obuasi’ at the AGA club in Obuasi.

 According to Patapaa in a voice note sent exclusively to SVTV Africa, the ‘one corner’ hit maker said after the show on Sunday, the team decided to step out for a drink only to be attacked in the bar by some unknown assailants who came in as fans.

“After my show in Obuasi, my team and I decided to step out for a drink on the Sunday. While we were in the bar, some guys about 8 of them came in as fans not knowing they were armed robbers. So I sent one of my guys to bring me something from my car then one of the guys swiftly hit my guy’s hand and took the key and refuse to give it back. In the midst of the confusion, I tried getting the key but one the guys in the midst of the fight stabbed me in the hand with a knife’’

Pataapa furthered that, one of the guys began demanding for money before they will release the key but he refused to give them a penny.

“One of the guys, the tall one was demanding for GHs20.00 so he will tell his boys to release the key and stop the confusion, that’s when I knew it was a planned thing. the next day, the caretaker at the hotel were we slept, went to where the incident happened to threatened them to bring everything they’ve stolen else she will report the case to the police and the military, that’s when they return my bags and other things. So I told my manager Free Body to secretly take a picture of them when they get there”

Patapaa advised musicians to be careful whenever they in the town for a show.

87 Year-Old Man Falls Into Tears After Been Denied Ghana Card Registration

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The national mass registration for the Ghana card started in April 2019 with the Greater Accra Region.

According the NIA, the exercise will see 85% of Ghanaians from 15 years to infinity to be registered and issued with the Ghana Card.

Well the situation isn’t the same in Tema, as Kofi Anim, an 87-year-old man who fell into tears after been denied the chance to register for the Ghana Card.

According to the old man, after presenting the required documents, the NIA officer asked him to go and bring two guarantors before he can register.

Explaining his ordeal at the registration center, the senior citizen told host DJ Nyaami on SVTV Africa that, he was asked to bring his passport, voters ID, or NHIS, which he did. He said he presented every document he has to the registration officers only to be told he cannot register unless he gets two guarantors to guarantee for him.

“I’m purposely registering for the card because I was told the Ghana Card will replace other cards in the system, and will accepted by all institutions as valid ID cards including hospitals. So I’m registering it because of the hospitals….So I presented every document I have but still they say I’m not qualified to register and that I’m not a Ghanaian. I told them I’m a Ghanaian and they say, I should go and bring two guarantors that will guarantee for me before I can register and I don’t know where I’m going to get a guarantor, so that’s why I shed tears’’


Asked whether he has children or guardian to help him out he said “Yes, I have 11 children but only 9 are alive now and they all live here in Tema but none of them is taking care of me, some are young and are now coming up. I’ve not wrong them in anyway but they just don’t take care of me, maybe it’s because I left their mother. But I have no problem, it’s just because of the hospital that’s why I’m registering for the card’’

Mr. Anim added that, if he gets a guarantor in the shortest time, he will register for the Ghana card happily.


The Ghana Card registration would be extended to other regions after its close in Greater Accra on Saturday, July 6.

Kumchacha rains curses on politicians who helped NAM1 scam Ghanaians

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The founder and leader of the Heaven’s Gate Ministry, Prophet Nicholas Osei is popularly known as Prophet Kumchacha has descended heavily politicians who directly or indirectly assisted CEO of Menzgold NAM 1 to fraudulently extort monies from Ghanaians. 

In a video cited by SVTV Africa, prophet Kumchacha was asking how NAM 1 got his license to operate as a gold dealership company in Ghana. He opined that, NAM 1 was dubiously granted license to operate by politicians with the aim of scamming desperate Ghanaians. The 'Nation's prophet' as he calls himself rained curses on politicians and all government appointees who were involved in this fraudulent behaviour.

"NAM 1 came to Ghana to defraud Ghanaians in the name of his gold dealership company. Let's ask ourselves how he got his license and papers to operate in Ghana? We have regulatory bodies like the bank of Ghana, National Security, BNI, EOCO among others who detect fraudulent companies but didn't do anything when it emerged and now Ghanaians are suffering. I'm standing on the word of God, every government or public worker who knows something about NAM 1's fraudulent money, may God bring a severe heart attack on you and your family. May you go impotent forever, I'm standing on the word of God, every MP or Minister who was involved in this act be strike by stroke" 

Kumchacha further blast MPs and Ministers who are planning to send their children abroad because of the 2020 general elections. 

Quoting scripture from the Bible, he said "every move by any politician to send their children abroad will not succeed. you can't continue to take Ghanaians for granted"

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