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Highlife musician Lucky Mensah predicts another victory for Akufo-Addo in 2020

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Highlife musician, Lucky Mensah has once again pledged his commitment to supporting Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, through thick and thin, to win the 2020 general election for the New Patriotic Party (NPP).

In an interview with SVTV Africa, the renowned highlife artiste told host DJ Nyaami that, he together with his team, will remain in the corner of Ghana’s leader until success comes their way again as far as the 2020 general election is concerned.

“Oh by God’s grace, I will sing for the NPP come 2020. Nana Addo must complete his eight years. So come rain or shine, I’ve to support Nana Addo so that he can complete his eight years and finish the good things he started. I know the good things he has started, he will bring it to an end and Ghana will be a place to be for all. So it’s impossible for him to end his tenure without completing his full term,” he noted.

According to the ‘Nkratuo’ singer, Akufo-Addo’s achievements comes nowhere close to his predecessor when achievements are being compared, hence, the need for Ghanaians to give him the second chance to finish his term.

Asked why the NPP and not the National Democratic Congress as he did some years back, he replied, “Oh as for NPP, they are appreciative, that’s how I see it. Wherever I meet NPP members, they show some gratitude for what I did for them, that alone is encouragement.”

Lucky Mensah has often been on the receiving end of criticism having publicly declared his support for the NPP.

He, however, added that despite the criticisms that have come his way, he doesn’t regret campaigning for the NPP.

Lucky Mensah has been off the music scene since his association with local politics in previous years.

The highlife crooner is however back onto the music scene with a brand new jam titled ‘Tonight’.

Beefs are for 'wack' artistes; Maccasio not my class - Fancy Gadam

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Fancy Gadam was described as the “King of The North” when he made an appearance in the music industry. He was virtually worshiped by the natives who are music enthusiasts.

As a result, no musical concert in the northern part of Ghana witnessed tremendous success especially in the area of attendance without the involvement of Fancy. Reason why Sarkodie was quick enough to team up with him on “Total Cheat” song.

But someway somehow, the promising music career of Fancy Gadam is fast diminishin. Consequently, people have started pointing fingers at his rivalry, Maccasio as the root cause.

This is as a result of the constant friction that keep emanating from the camp of these Northern region based musicians. But in a recent interview with SVTV Africa, Fancy Gadam told host DJ Nyaami that, he won't waste his time beefing his colleague Maccasio because, he believes beefing is for untalented artiste not him.
"Beefs are meant for weak artists, artists that are not talented, they're trying to prove a point because if you have talent, you believe in what you do. You don't need to beef somebody to be up there, your works have to speak for you, so me I don't believe in beef propelling your career, it's false."

"I believe in what I do, any artiste who believes and lives on controversy is weak, and not talented."

Pointing out on the feud between Maccasio and himself, the 'total cheat' hitmaker said "If they want to consider who is doing the best, I think I'll be the best because, at the end of the day, I know I'm doing the best. So personally, I see it as normal because sometimes, some people wants to trend and me, I don't see the need for it, so he should trend, I know I'm talented and my music will speak for me."

As a reminder, Mujahid Ahmed Bello, known by his stage name Fancy Gadam, is a Dagbani language Ghanaian afropop, dancehall and reggae musical artiste. 

The singer, is set to release his debut album DREAM. A 13 tracklist album featuring award-winning dancehall star Stonebwoy, Kwesi Arthur, Kofi Mole, Kofi Kinataa, Mr. Eazi and many more.

He is currently promoting "3B3Y3 YIE" the first song off the dream album. 

Watch the interview below;

Nautyca Reveals Mind Blowing Revelations About Sound Engineer Killbeatz

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Rapper Nautyca has made some rather intriguing revelations about renowned music producer, Killbeatz.

Nautyca, has taken a swipe at sound engineer Killbeatz. He said, on working with the ace music producer, Killbeatz told his manager, Possigee that, he is not good enough to work with him.

Nautyca disclose this during an interview with SVTV Africa to host DJ Nyaami saying that, after Killbeatz told his manager, that, he is not good enough, the music producer later extended invitation to him to come over to his house without the knowledge of his management.

“Sometime, Possi told me about a project with Killbeatz. Later on, I asked Possi about the project with Killer, which he said, Killer said later, at first he (Possigee) didn’t want to say it. But I kept pushing him that, Killbeatz have to play some beat for me, and he said, the reason why he doesn’t want to continue is that, Killbeatz told him (Possigee) in his studio that, your artiste is not good enough.”

“When Possigee told me, I laughed cos, I know what’s inside of me. Days later, I met Killbeatz in town myself, after talking for a while, he said, he (Killbeatz) has a studio at home, so I should pass by and let’s work, so when I got home I told Possigee, I met your man(Killbeatz) and this is what he said, and Possi said, I should forget him.” He added.

Nautyca pointed out that, Killbeatz is not being real with himself, so there is no need in working with him.

“I don’t know what he was thinking initially, when he told Possi that, his artiste is not good and I don’t know what he was thinking again when he told me I should come and let’s work. So I just feel, he himself, he(Killbeatz) is not being real with himself, so we must not focus on him.”

The issue of sound engineers looking down on upcoming musicians have been an issue in Ghana for some time now and we hoping and believing, it comes to an end soon because it can kill the morale and spirit of the young talents.

Commenting on how he felt after hearing that, the ‘problem’ hit maker said, “Errm, me, I wasn’t really hurt by that, because I know Possigee is also a legend, he has hold so many artiste here, so if he tells you, he wants to work with you and somebody else is also telling you, you’re not good, I think you the artiste must check these two things cos he is a legend and he is saying, you’re good and I want to work with you, Killbeatz too is a legend, and says you’re not good. So it depends on you the artiste, if you want to continue or not. But me that’s what I want to do, so never, can that statement bring me down. Even that time, it boosted me more to go to studio and do more bangers,” he added.



Nautyca is an Afrobeats singer and songwriter, who’s currently got the city gripped with his exceptional talent fused with sparkling and giddy sensations.

Nuatyca is known for songs like ‘Sikabba’, ‘Love You’, ‘Fly’, ‘Fuushi’ among others.

He became more known after his collaboration with sensational highlife artiste Akwaboah Jnr titled ‘Problem’.

Nautyca is currently promoting his new single tilted ‘Ehaa Bo’

The smash hit song titled “Ehaa bo” discloses how crazy his feelings for a pretty lady with very attractive and irresistible features are but unfortunately the lady does not feel the same way about him and acts unimpressed about his gesture thereby not reciprocating the same care he exhibits.

Check out the new banger for yourself, enjoy.

D-Black Is A Rapper Who Is Always On Point – Ben Brako

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Ghanaian Highlife legend Ben Brako, has made a rather startling revelation. Ben Brako has showered praises on entrepreneur and rapper D-Black despite the popular opinion that he’s wack.

He disclosed this during an interview with SVTV Arica to host DJ Nyaami saying that, D-Black is a wonderful artist and he admired his rap style as well as his work in the Ghanaian Music Industry.

Ben Brako, who has featured D-Black on his upcoming project describe the rapper as one, who can be on point.

“D-black is one of the rappers who can be on point. Sometimes people criticize him that, he is not a good rapper but I think that, people miss the points sometimes, you know what I mean and his critics try to put him down. But D-Black is a great professional and when he does something, he does it to the max. It’s not just rhyme without reason, is rhyme with reason. That’s what a rapper is about. So D-Black is one of my favourite rappers.” He added.

The high life supremo added that, the Black did not go along with the crowd in terms of music in the industry he said he did things according to him and so could not compare himself to other artists.

The collaboration is a remix of Ben Brako’s ‘Moko Mekrom’ which was released in 1996. The remix, which is English is for the diaspora and is line with Ghana’s Year of Return.

The collaboration between Ben Brako and D-Black is a good move for D-Black and add up to his music career.

The ‘Moko Mekrom’ remix, is a great song to promote the ‘Year of Return’ concept and song to promote Ghana to the world.

Since 1995, Ben Brako has thrilled Ghanaians to great highlife and pop music, making him one of Ghana’s most respected artistes.

7th African Fighting Championship Launched In Ghana

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The African Fighting Championship was launched today in Accra with the aim of developing cage fighting in the Ghana and the sub region.

African Fighting Championship, also named AFC, during the officially announced Ghana as its seventh destination for the championship.

The event which took place at Kikibees Pub, Lounge & Restaurant in Accra saw officials of the championship, the academy some fighters as well as some sports personalities at the launch.

Executive member of the Championship, Mr. Richard Yeboah told SVTV Africa that, the championship would provide a regular subsidized competition platform for all categories of fighters within the fighting industry chain. He noted that, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is also providing jobs for people.

“A lot goes into AFC, our CEO is doing a lot for this organization. We pleading with people to come on board and support us because a lot goes into this thing. At least, we are trying to help people to get a career. Mix Martial Arts is a lesser known sports in Ghana, we just pleading with people and come and support, because it’s a very serious sports altogether and we just want it to go far.” He added.   

Mr. Yeboah revealed that the competition would see fighters from Togo, Cote D'ivoire and Ghana. According to him, there will be at least eight fights in all tomorrow at the Bukom Park.

The fight nights will also witness an entertainment package and some musical interludes from Bukom Banku, Ayittey Powers and other stars. He pointed out that, fight night is free and taking place tomorrow at the Bukom park in Bukom.

Mr. Richard Yeboah, urged all Ghanaians to patronize the competition and make it a great feature of corporate Ghana.

I Dislike People With Body Odour - Feli Nuna

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Ghanaian Afropop artiste, Feli Nuna has stated that people with body odour put her off and no matter how rich, handsome or beautiful you are, don’t come near her if you have body odour.
Body odour is one of the most embarrassing disorders which has destroyed a lot of relationships in recent times, it will take someone who really loves you to tell you that you have body odour or bad breath.

Maverick rapper and singer, Feli Nuna in an interview with SVTV Africa disclosed that, one of the things that will compel her to walk away from people or a relationship is body odour.
She told host DJ Nyaami that no matter how good looking and rich you are, she will never get close to you if you have body odour.

“I don’t like stress at all, so I don’t want somebody who will come and stress me. One thing I dislike is body odour. People with body odour put me off…I recently went to an engagement somewhere, some girls came to stand by me and I could tell they have body odour, I was just upset, I just couldn’t.”

Feli Nuna added that, she will however offer an advice only if she is cool with the fellow.

“Sometimes if I see you’re cool, I’ll approach and talk to you. I will be like, oh have you noticed this, oh me, these are some of the things I use and all, if I know that I can help, I will help. But you say it in a nice way because if you don’t say it, everybody around will rather be laughing at them and it’s not good. Because if you’ve noticed it, meaning, other people have also noticed it. So it’s just about saying it in a nice way.”

“You have to also study the person, if the person is irresponsible, you can’t go and say that to the person, and if the person is not in my circle, you go your way but if it’s somebody that I care about and I feel like I can impart, I will do that.” She added.

Touching on the kind of man, she would like to date, she noted “I like a man who is intelligent, who can teach me things, so that at least, if hear something or know something, I can discuss with him. But I want someone who is handsome too, please I don’t want a gbonyo(scary) face. I want someone too who is confident, someone who is a hard worker, so that even if I bore one day and I say I’m stopping my work and am sleeping, you can take care of the children and us in the house. And someone who is fun, who can have fun because me I like fun.”

Pointing out on what makes her happy, the ‘Love Me Now’ hitmaker said, nothing makes her happy but she doesn’t like stress and wouldn’t like any man to stress her, a stress-free zone kind of relationship.

So all the guys who are crushing on Feli Nuna with the aim of asking her out should make sure they do not have body or mouth odour and also have at least some sense of humour.

Feli Nuna is currently promoting her new song “Azumah”. The fast-tempo track is already making waves on radio and social media.

Gospel musician Kesse Clear’s Air On Bonking Former Manager, Says It’s False

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Few days ago, it was reported that Ghanaian gospel musician, Kesse said he has slept with his manager countless times which left people confused if he really said that. The report was also difficult for discerning minds to understand why Ghanaian musicians find it difficult to keep a healthy working relationship with their working partners.

But in a recent interview with SVTV Africa, repented Kesse emphatically told host DJ Nyaami that he did not say anything like that and the report is false.

Kesse explained that Joanna Maa-Adjoa Nana Awoo Gyan, the woman, he was reported to have slept with countless times is not his manager but rather his ex-girlfriend.

“I didn’t want to talk about this but…she is not my former manager, she is my ex and she wasn’t my former manager. We are still cool, we talk and all that. Sometimes, people shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, when you see a caption, at least watch the video before you judge the person. This media work, someone can caption it for people to like it and get views, so the person will write something that will be attractive but that’s not what the person said.”

“I even praised the person on air, that she was very supportive but I don’t what happen that, the person couldn’t write the praises that I praise the girl but rather said something that, I didn’t say. Even when I was doing secular music I never did that, how much more, I’m into Christ and I will say this.” He added.

Asked whether he was offended and hurt with the report, Kesse noted “Oh yeah, it hurt me. For someone, a renowned presenter to ask me that question and I said yes. I didn’t even mention anything like manager, it was a yes thing. I kept on repeating that, she is been helpful, helpful…I even said, she was the last person that encourage me that, you have to do gospel music and I’ll support you. So the person couldn’t find something nice out of it but to write what I didn’t say, it’s very hurtful.” He added. 

In the voice of Kesse, he has denounced the profane world because of his encounter with the leader of the Christian faith, Jesus Christ. As a result, he’s now a gospel musician and he won’t go back to his sinful ways again – the era of doing secular music.

Kesse is currently promoting his new single ‘Sweet Jesus’.

There is no doubt that this amazing tune will fill all the waves across the nation. The song talked about what Jesus has done for him and the power of the son of God.

I Don’t Do Boys, I Only Do Girls - Ghanaian Female Singer

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In the UK or US, many celebrities have been outspoken about being attracted to more than one gender, but the story is not the same in Ghana because homosexuality is a big no in Ghana and against the law.
The feeling however, is different with some Ghanaians who are based in abroad.
UK-based Ghanaian afrobeats artiste, Eyeson continues to be outspoken about her love life and sexuality.
The budding musician, in a recent interview made shocking revelation about her sexual life saying she does not do boys but only girls.
The singer in an interview with SVTV Africa, told host DJ Nyaami when she arrived at the airport last night that, she is a proud lesbian and enjoying her relationship with her lesbian partner.
“You’re asking the wrong question, you can’t ask if I have a boyfriend, you should ask I if I’m dating. I’m attracted to more than one gender, love goes where love is, so it doesn’t matter. So yeah I have a girlfriend and I don’t see why I should hide it…No, she is not a Ghanaian, she is a Kenyan based in the UK and I can’t hide her. She added.
Asked why she decided to go the opposite way and not go straight, she said “Boys of today are not trustworthy, they only come to take advantage of you and go. So it’s better to date a girl because, at least, you know this bitch is broke and I’m broke too, so you don’t expect anything from that and women are more compassionate than women” she added.
Scientists do not know the exact cause of sexual orientation, but they theorize that it is caused by a complex interplay of genetic, hormonal, and environmental influences, and do not view it as a choice. Although no single theory on the cause of sexual orientation has yet gained widespread support, scientists favor biologically-based theories. There is considerably more evidence supporting nonsocial, biological causes of sexual orientation than social ones, especially for males.
We can only wish them luck in their relationship and all the best to Eyeson in her musical career.
Eyeson is UK based Ghanaian female artist, with the hit song ‘Odiifour’ which features award winning rapper Guru.
She is out with another single titled ‘Wope Enhwe’ this time she featured Atumpan.

Add Road Safety & Police Education To The Education Curricula - DSP Mohammed Urges Gov't

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Even though The National Road Safety Commission (NRSC) in collaboration with the Ghana Education Service has developed a road safety textbooks and manual to be integrated into the basic school education curricula, that seems not to be enough.

Former Nima Police Commander, Deputy Superintendent of Police, Hajia Sa-Ada Mohammed also known as Hajia Police has urge government to add road safety and police education to the curriculum from basic level.

This, she believes will prevent some unnecessary accidents on the roads.

DSP Mohammed made this known in an interview with SVTV Africa with host DJ Nyaami.

She explained that most of the deaths through pedestrian crossing occurred among children and the youth because they were ignorant of road traffic regulations.

"I think road safety and policing, these two things should be added to the Ghana education service, because it's all about life. Some young ones who didn't take their time to learn driving don't know the road safety regulations so they drive anyhow on the road which is bad" she noted.

Hajia Police also stated that, with the introduction of police education in the curriculum, it will promote a cordial relationship between the police and civilians.
"In some houses in Ghana, people use police to scare children which is bad. So with the introduction of policing in the curriculum, it will help cordial relationship between the police and civilians where a police can even invite a suspect via phone or walk to the zongo and invite the person. Because being invited by the police does not mean you're guilty, you're only a suspect until proven guilty, but that education is not there. So there is always a fight or misunderstanding when the police invites a suspect. So we need to introduce policing in the curriculum. She added.

Hajia Police was optimistic that with the introduction of the road safety and police education concept in the schools, it would expose the students to basic knowledge in road safety and the police service.

She added that the concept would have positive impact on pupils and is a shared and collective responsibility of all and sundry, including children, who had a role to play.

Hajia Police who is also a musician, is out with two new songs titled 'Sa Adul Islam' and 'Ba re ka de Sala'.

The songs talks about peace among religions, and also educates the youth.
The songs have received massive airplay on radio since its release and is available on all digital platforms.

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