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Burnt High Tension Cable Poses Threat To Tema Oil Refinery As ECG Abandon Project

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A burnt-exposed high tension cables at Tema heavy industrial area behind the Tema Oil Refinery, an area within the Tema Community, a suburb of Accra is gradually becoming a death trap to companies and locals.

The base of the pole has been over-exposed as a result of continuous burns. The heedless activities of the trespassers often lead to intermittent power cuts in the community.

The high tension cables have caught fire four consecutive times this year alone and have rendered many parts of the City without electricity.

The first burn happened on 23rd January, 2019; the second happened on 25th February, 2019, the third and fourth happened on 19th July and 16th August, 2019 respectively.

Close sources tells the SVTV Africa team that, the Electricity Company of Ghana seems to be heedless about the situation since the high tension has been abandoned for a long time, probably waiting for the worst to happen before taking action.

Some concerns locals said, the burning of electricity cables and poles is dangerous to human lives since the situation could result in the loss of revenue which could have been directed into improving the value and reliability of the distribution network.

What resulted in the several burns of the cables is unknown but the company have to work around the clock to clamp down on perpetrators of such activities.


Burnt poles

In 2017, The Electricity Company of Ghana lost 78 high tension and 49 low tension poles across the 10 operational districts in the central region, particularly in the Saltpond, Cape Coast, Assin Fosu and the Kasoa North districts.

In 2016, The Central Regional office of the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) spent GH¢94,671.24 to replace burnt electric poles.

As at the time of filing this report, all efforts to get ECG or GRIDCO to rectify the situation has proven futile but the team at SVTV Africa is still working on to speak to the ECG see the measures the company is putting up to resolve the situation.

Obinim Asked me to pay 200 cedis to make me famous - Musician reveals

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Promising Highlife musician Nukre has revealed that self acclaimed Angel, Rev. Daniel Obinim appeared in him dream asking him to pay GHS 200 to make him famous.

He told host DJ Nyaami in an interview on SVTV Africa that, even though he does not attend Angel Obinim's church, the man of God appeared in his dreams after taking one of his supposed-miracle toffees.

"My girlfriend once brought some toffees home which she said, Obinim shared it at church. I took some of the toffees and whenever I sleep Obinim appears in my dream. One time, he appeared and said I should give him GHS200 so that he will make famous else it will take me years to be popular." He added.

Nukre noted that, the dream got him thinking a lot but failed to share it with his girlfriend.

The young Highlife crooner pointed out that, his new song titled Obinim was inspired Angel Obinim, after he appeared in his dream several times.

Nukre is currently promoting his new single 'Obinim' featuring award winning danceall artist AK Songstress.

I Wish I Was Born a Muslim -Prophet Kumchacha Reveals

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Founder and Leader of the Heaven’s Gate Ministries, Prophet Kumchacha, has revealed that, he wished he was born a Muslim.

 According to him, the hypocrisy of some Christians especially Pastors makes him feel like he belongs to the wrong religion.

 Kumchacha made this revelation in an interview with SVTV Africa, he told host DJ Nyaami that, while there are several men of God in the country, there are some that he believes have been called by God.

 “The next time we will be coming to this world again; me prophet Kumchacha I wish to be born a Christian. People come on social media calling themselves men of God. These men of God have the guts to tear the Bible on social media claiming it’s not true. Can you tear the Quran on social media and go scot-free?...the person even said he will use it for toilet roll when he visits the toilet. how? Why will people say there is no Jesus, you can’t do this to the Islamic religion.” He added.

 Born Nicholas Osei and popularly known as Prophet Kumchacha, he furthered that, the world doesn’t respect Christianity again making the death of Christ worthless.

 Pointing out to the Muslim community in Ghana, he rained praises on the National Chief Imam for being a man of peace and living in peace with fellow Christians and other religion.

 Kumchcha however dared those who mock Jesus and other blasphemous acts to try and mock the Prophet Mohammed if they have the guts.

How a footballer's dreams crushed due to disability; sad story of Kelvin Amenour

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In a sad report, a 24-year-old man who is a barber and identified as Kelvin Nana Amenour has detailed how his dream of becoming a footballer has been crashed by disability.

Narrating his story on SVTV Africa, he disclosed to host DJ Nyaami how the events of the negligence of nurse-led to his disability.

Kelvin revealed that, at age 7, a team of medical professionals came to their school for a medical check-up.

Even though he didn’t want to partake in the screening, he was forced to come and take an injection. Following the injection, the needle got broke inside his leg resulting in him being paralysed for life.

“Some Doctors and Nurses came to our school when I was young, at age 7. They came to do health check-up and medical sensitization, for some reasons I didn’t want to be part but I was forced by one of my madams. So I went to take the injection, unfortunately for me, the needle got broken in me but the nurse didn’t say it and that led to me being paralyzed and crushed my dream of becoming a professional footballer.”  

He stated that since then life has been very unfair to him. Kelvin revealed that he had completed Junior HighSchool but due to his condition and financial issues he could not continue his education and fulfil his dream of becoming a footballer.

According to him, due to how things were becoming very unfavourable for himself and his mother, he had to travel from the Volta region to Ashamian to look for work to do, and send money back to his mother for her upkeep.

Kelvin further revealed that through a friend he managed to get a barbering job in Gbetsile, a suburb of Ashaiman.

He stated that he now has been left with a huge task of providing for his sick mum, adding that the weight of the burden is really having a toll on him.

The 24-year-old barber who is currently living with his friend pointed out that, the negligence of the nurse who later disappeared from the village has made him vow not to step foot at any hospital for the rest of his life.

Christmas Operation: Police will provide high security at Churches to prevent offering theft – Hajia Police reveals

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Deputy Superintendent of Police, Hajia Sa-ada Muhammed, popularly known as ‘Hajia Police’ has revealed that, The Ghana Police Service will deploy a large number of policemen to take charge of security in places of worship. This move according to her is to prevent offering theft and ensure safety of worshippers during church services.

Hajia Police made this known during an interview on SVTV Africa. She told host DJ Nyaami that, the Father Christmas operation by the Ghana Police Service is to maintain law and order and protect lives and properties throughout the Christmas season.

“The police administration has rolled out some measures to protect lives and properties during this festive season. I get people asking me if I will be performing this December, I tell them, December is for policing. There have been situations where robbers visit churches to steal offerings and run away with it. This December, as part of the operation, there will be high security at Churches to prevent offering theft.” She added.

Hajia noted that, the deployment is expected to ensure incident-free festivities.

Operation Father Christmas by the Ghana Police Service is the codename for the service’s activities to combat crime during the festive season.

The female Commander who doubles as a musician have release her new single titled ‘Repentance’. The music sensation goes on to thank God for His love and mercies with this one, adding up a variety of ‘musical condiments’ to the song which will make you love to put it on replay.

Hajia Police has promised her fans and all music lovers a lot of refreshing and soul inspiring music and Repentance is one of them.

Stop putting your pictures on social media to prevent spiritual attack – Herbal Wizard

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Parents and youths have been warned not to post photographs of them or their children online amid fears they could fall into the wrong hands.

Herbal wizard, Nana Yeboah Kumi in an interview on SVTV Africa told host DJ Nyaami how predators and other dangerous individuals could glean a wealth of sensitive information about them off one seemingly-innocent image. He added that, the sharing of pictures online could make them vulnerable to predators by revealing their location and put their lives in danger.

“'Before you share your pictures on social media, you must consider the potential consequences of what you post. It’s a bad habit sharing your pictures on social media. When you come to end for instance, I have about 2,000 pictures mostly from social media. These sorts of images can be used to gather personal information such as location, a child’s full name, or even birth dates to paint a picture of who they are. So sharing your pictures on social media is very risky and the youth especially must think twice about what they share on social media before it is too late.”

The chief executive officer of Sonkyi herbal awareness center argues that predators can easily piece together information from a photo posted online.

He further pointed out that, the donation of used clothes to people or orphanages is bad and must be stop immediately. He explained that, “No matter how well you wash your shirt, your spirit is still in it and so no matter how good or worn-out it looks; it’s not advisable to give it out to anyone since your spirit would still be it and can be used against you.”

He also advised men to desist from licking their women in the name of having fun for the reason that, the act could dumb and kill their spirit completely.

FDA Finally Frees Mama Gee; Now Deals In Pregnancy Medicine

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In her last video posted on Instagram, Mama Gee told her customers to keep calm. She assured them that she was going to bounce back. Indeed, Ghana’s popular aphrodisiac dealer is back in operation.

The Food and Drugs Authority has finally free Elizabeth Togbor popularly known as Mama Gee and given her the permission to sell her herbal mixture.
In an interview on SVTV Africa, Excited Mama Gee couldn’t her joy. She told host DJ Nyaami that, she is extremely happy she is officially back and now selling pregnancy medicine for barren women.

“We are grateful we back. That’s the most important thing now…..I now have a new herbal mixture that has been approved by our regulators. This medicine is good for a woman who wants to get pregnant or barren women. It’s simply a good medicine for every woman.” She added.
Mama Gee was arrested on July 10, 2019, at her shop in Madina by the Food and Drugs Authority and the police for advertising and selling unlicensed products which she claimed could help boost sexual performance and help women extort money from their male counterparts after sexual intercourse.

Mama Gee who has within the last year built a massive consumer base has assured her customers not to be worried about the shop been closed again or been confiscated by any regulator.
Mama Gee has provided a contact for her customers who wish to purchase any of her products.

Have Not Set My Eyes On The Emirate Plane To Dubai - Di Asa Finally Speaks Truth

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Barely a week after it was reported that winner of Atinka Media Village’s plus size women reality show, ‘Di Asa’, was kicked out of Emirates’ plane to Dubai because of her size, PM, known in real life as Precious Mensah, has deny setting her eyes on the emirate aircraft to Dubai.

In an interview with SVTV Africa with host DJ Nyaami, PM revealed that, all claims that she wasn’t allowed to board the plane due to her size are false.

According to her, she has not even seen the plane, how big or small it is, to even talk about boarding it.

“All those saying the plane have short petrol and that the plane has capsized because I was on board, please it’s not true. I didn’t board any plane. Truth is I’ve not even seen the plane to know whether it’s big or small, whether it’s black, blue or pink. Its miscommunication, I’ve never sat in any plane.” She added,

Asked whether she would still love to travel to Dubai, PM expressed optimism about travelling to Dubai despite the setback.

“Oh why not, if I get a sponsor who will buy me first class and get me a 20-year visa, I will go, not only Dubai but the US or Canada.”

Pointing out on her upcoming project, she said she is working on launching a project on stigmatization against plus size ladies.

Precious Mensah popularly known PM emerged winner of Di-Asa Season 3 after proving her worth. She won the hearts of many after a gruelling four rounds of different genre of dances.

A True Police Officer Is Called To Protect Lives - Lance Corporal Agbeko Reveals Reason Behind His Benevolence Acts

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Lance Corporal Simon Agbeko Ekpeagba, a kind police officer, who has won admiration after using his resources to repair a damaged traffic light and also donate wheelchairs to random physically-challenged persons on the streets has reveal the rationale behind his charity works to mother Ghana.

Speaking in an interview with SVTV Africa, the benevolent police officer told host DJ Nyaami that, the first duty of a true police officer is to protect lives and property.

“The job of the police is not only to arrest and prosecute lawbreakers. We render services, and we also have other means of protecting lives and properties. The duty of every true police officer is protect lives and properties. So what I’m doing is a true work of a police officer.” he added.

Lance Corporal Simon Agbeko Ekpeagba also described these charitable acts as a manifestation of divine directions from God, which he receives in his dreams.

The junior police officer further pointed out that, it’s the duty of every citizen to do something for his or her country.

Lance Corporal Simon Agbeko of the Accra Regional Police Command has become quite popular for his benevolent gestures.

The fixing of the traffic light comes after he made generous donations a pair of crutches, blind walking stick and wheelchairs to some physically challenged persons on the street.

Simon Agbeko urged other kind-hearted persons to also donate to support the cause to help the less privilege and persons with disability.

For Agbeko, the dream was to create the enabling space where the less privileged and physically challenged persons would have easy care and education especially those who parade principal streets and major highways in Accra while begging because most of them have been neglected by their relatives.

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