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Lady Recounts How She Was Initiated into Ashawo by Her Father

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A 20 year old lady has narrated the harrowing story of her life which has been filled with sexual assault from her father every year since she was 11 years old.

It is not easy for a 20-year-old to come to terms with the fact that she was defiled and impregnated by her own father. Seated and carrying her five-year-old baby on the laps, Abena (not real name) sorrowfully narrates her journey through the valley of depression.

Abena, narrated to SVTV Africa how she has been a victim of her father’s perverse libido. She told host DJ Nyaami on how her father started sleeping with her at 11 and despite the abominable nature of his actions he has not stopped.

In fact, according to the girl he pretends to be teaching her and through that, takes advantage and sleeps with her.

“It is because of my father, that I’m in this situation, doing prostitution. My dad started having sex with me when I was young at about eleven or twelve years old, as at the time we came to Tema community nine. I remember, he offered to teach me and if I don’t understand anything, he punishes me by sleeping with me but I couldn’t tell anyone what my dad was doing because he threatened to beat and kill me if I tell anyone.”

According to her, the constant sex left her pregnant at age fourteen.

“At age fourteen, I became pregnant. When I told my father, he asked me not to tell any other person, promising to help me to abort. He gave me some medicine, but I refuse to take it and told him I’ll reveal the secret but he threatened me that, he will take me to the Prampram sea and kill me there, out of fear, I didn’t tell anybody. He then sent me to his friend’s place at community eight.”

Abena revealed that, she gave birth in the six month of pregnancy unlike the normal nine-month journey. She pointed out that, her son eventually died after breast milk started oozing out of his nose.

Abena further revealed that her ordeal continued after she lost her son, she was sometimes maltreated and chained by her father to prevent her from going out. After sometime, she realized, she is pregnant again by her father.

Such stories come out every once in a while and they never stop being sad.

Abena’s life story is certainly a sad one. Watch the video below and listen to her full story:

Overload truck damages portions of Ashaiman overpass

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A haulage truck with registration number GT 559 U on Wednesday morning got stuck in the beams underneath the Ashaiman overpass on the Tema-Accra motorway, causing damage to portions of the overpass.

The incident occurred around 4 a.m. when the head of the truck decoupled from the trailer.

The truck was transporting a Biomass Fired Steam Boiler meant for a toilet tissue paper manufacturing company at Buduburam in the Central Region.

Observation made by SVTV Africa revealed that, the equipment exceeded the 5-metre allowable height beneath the overpass.

Following attempts by the driver and some crane operators to tow the truck, the overpass has seen parts of the beams cracked.

According to the Ashaiman Police, the driver of the truck, Fatawu Abdullai, would be charged for destroying public property.

Some haulage drivers who disclosed to SVTV Africa during a vox pop, said, they have consequently appealed to the government to ensure that their vehicles are always laden with the required volume of load to prevent road accidents and the resultant carnage.

SVTV Africa’s checks indicated that an articulator truck with six axles carries 60 tonnes and the one with five axles takes 50.5 tonnes of load.

A four-axe articulator truck carries 44 tonnes of load; three axle truck takes 34.5 tonnes and single vehicles with four axles take 37.5 tonnes.

Some drivers have strongly urged government to prevent overloading on the road.

VIDEO: I wept over my childlessness for years – Mcbrown recounts

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Actress Nana Ama Mcbrown has recounted the ordeal she went through years of childlessness after marriage indicating she wept during the period.

The versatile actress cum television host, revealed to colleague women at a recent event covered by SVTV Africa and monitored by that the situation would have been different if she was only dating.

Her account which left patrons of the 2019 edition of Women in worship 2019 in tears was both inspiring and pathetic as she said “I have a lot to talk about. My sisters I have cried a lot. If you are dating and you are unable to give birth it is a not a big deal…but if you court your trouble and go torment God through prayer and he gives you a man as a husband and for a longer period you are unable to conceive and give to birth that will be the beginning of your woes.

According to her, many in various homes may be going through the same ordeal but urged them to trust in God for a miracle

“I know many are here and they are going through what I went through. I am not a preacher, I am not a singer…I am a concert woman but I am not here for that today. If you have money you cannot buy childbirth am I lying? If your father is even a doctor he may not be able to help”, she added

The actress for several years was steadfast in the lord and he has answered her prayers after she gave birth to her first baby with her current husband Maxwell some months ago.



Mzbel Not my friend; My mother’s classmate - Diamond Appiah

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It has been proven that Mzbel and Diamond Appiah are not on talking terms and it appears nothing can bring them back together again.

Mzbel confirmed this assertion in an interview when she revealed that she will never allow Diamond Appiah into her newly opened pub.

The Actress, former politician and entrepreneur Diamond Appiah in replying Mzbel told host DJ Nyaami on SVTV Africa that, she Mzbel is not her friend but her mother’s classmate. Diamond noted that, she hangs out at seven-star exotic places and not cheap and low hangouts like Mzbel’s newly opened pub, ‘Bela’s Pup’.

“First of all, I travel a lot, from Miami to Las Vegas to Dubai, I go to exotic places as you can see. As I’m talking to you right now, I’m in Las Vegas for my summer vacation. I do not hang out at peak-style, chop bars in some remote areas. Hell no, I would rather sit at home and sleep.”

“Mabel is not my friend, she is my mother’s classmate. I started listening to Mabel when I was in JSS, she is just a senior in the industry but not my friend.”

Giving details about why Afia Schwarzenegger cannot be her friend, Diamond said, Afia Schwarzenegger’s part, the ‘taste my apple’ composer bemoaned on how Afia Schwarzenegger lied about her. She said, she doesn’t associate herself with people who sleep with dogs and it is very necessary to avoid such a person.

These women have been on each others neck for as long as we can remember. From the looks of things, Diamond Appiah will be spilling more means soon and we are here to bring you all the hottest juiciest gossip.

Watch the full interview below:

Yaa Pono Made Me Sell My Fridge – Ghanaian Musician

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Accra based artiste by name, 2Sure, in an interview with DJ. Nyame on SVTV AFRICA, has said that, Ghana’s favorite rapper, Yaa Pono (Ponobiom), made him sell his Fridge for a collaboration.

According to him, he wanted to feature Ponobiom on his song at a fee of Three Thousand (3,000) Ghana Cedis; an amount that was charged by Ponobiom.

He said, in order to get the required amount, so that, the collaboration becomes possible, he sold his Fridge at half the charged amount.

However, upon calling the rap god, that, he now has half of the money, he told him to fight for the remaining, before he can put his voice on the song.

‘’I sold the Fridge at 1,500 cedis, hoping that at least he could consider, but he insisted, I should get the exact amount before we can work’’.

‘’Even as I sit here today, I still call him, but funny enough, he hasn’t increase nor decrease, he still demands for 3,000 cedis.

SAD STORY: From Koko Seller To First Female Aircraft Marshaller In Ghana, Felicia Tells Her Story

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The Most Inspiring Woman in Aviation Industry, at the Maiden Ghana Most Inspiring Women’s Award 2019, Madam Felicia Edem Attipoe, in an interview with Dj Nyaami on SVTV Africa, has shared some challenges she encountered rising to become the First Female Aircraft Marshaller in Ghana.

Ms. Felicia talked on the many careers she had shown so much interest, as a young girl, and how along the line, she worked as a producer for Keysoap Concert party, during her attachment at the national theatre.

‘’Growing up, I wanted to be a musician, and at a point, I learned and played keyboard at church. The keyboard playing enhanced my typing ability and I knew I will eventually become a secretary’’.

‘’Later, my attachment at the Ghana National Theatre moved me into art and I am proud to be part of the beginners of concert party in Ghana where I was a producer’’. She narrated.

 The single mother, also disclosed, how she lost her marriage, the emotional trauma she went through, the Porridge (Koko) she sold at the airport in order to survive, and the miracle of it all, landing her dream; thus the first Ghanaian female Marshaller.

According to her, she applied for a secretary job at the Ghana Civil aviation authority (GCAA) in 1994 but only to be employed in 1999, thus five (5) years later.

‘’My marriage made me travel many places, but later I had to file for divorce because I was left with no option and at a point I even attempted suicide; thanks to my little daughter who saved me”.

“Later, I lost my job, and the tough times compelled me to sell porridge (koko) at the airport in order to survive, Somebody I had travelled places, now I had to sell (koko), not to even mention the humiliation I went through’’. She said.

Madam Felicia holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the African University College of Communications, Diploma in Photography from Temple University, Japan, Certificates in Aerodrome Safety, Certificate in Marshalling and Radio Telephony from the Aviation School.

She is a mother of two, and a motivation to many young women out there.

I’m Ready To Campaign For Any Political Party In 2020 - Nero X

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Several popular musicians and entertainers in Ghana have shared their views about the 2020 general election, including endorsing their preferred candidates and urging their fans to honor their votes.

Just like every other election year in Ghana, Politicians employ several strategies during election cycles as they seek to sell their manifestos and garner the most votes.

Some of these strategies include securing endorsements from popular entertainers who usually wield considerable influence among their fanbases.

Song writer and sensational Ghanaian singer, Joseph Nkrumah Buabeng, popularly known as Nero X, has expressed readiness to record music for political parties ahead of the 2020 general elections.

Speaking in an interview on SVTV Africa, the ‘Osey’ hit maker told host DJ Nyaami that, he will do songs for any political party which approaches him regardless of whether he supports the party or not.

“Of course why not? I’m working, that doesn’t mean anything. If I come to perform at your campaign, that doesn’t mean, I will vote for you or not unless you convinced me that, whatever you’re bringing on board will help us. The thing is, they come and promise us but fails to fulfill the promise.”

“Right now, I don’t even have appetite for voting for anyone, but if somebody comes out to abide by whatever we bring on board, then why not. Because when they get there, they don’t think about us again, so when it’s time for election, we have the power. So we just have to give them something to think.” He added.

Commenting on the 2020 general election, Nero X advised the youth and Ghanaians in general to vote wisely and desist from any political influence.

“2020 what can come can come, you understand?...the thing is, you just follow your heart, look at your condition and vote base on that. It’s a norm, so you just check your current situation and vote base on that.”

Celebrities declaring their support for political parties has become an issue of concern as some have remarked that it ends up having adverse effects on the stars.

Others however said that once the constitution of the land provides for freedom of association, celebrities should equally and freely enjoy that political right.

Nero X is out with another inspirational gospel tune. He calls this one “Jehovah”. Jehovah is a title given to the most high God.


Watch the interview below:

Tema Police Arrest Two Terror Serial Rapists

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The Tema Regional police have arrested two suspects for their roles in various crimes reported in the region, including rape, and robbery.

The suspects who are currently in police custody are Wilfred Mohammed Dakeh, trader; and Petiafo Abraham, unemployed.

Briefing the media, the Tema Regional Commander of Police (DCOP) Mr. Akrofi-Oyirifi Edward Johnson, said as part of the fight against crime, the police apprehended two serial rapists in the Ada-Foah area. He said, on Wednesday, August 28, 2019, Mohammed lure one Angel Onisureke to Ada Foah, and upon arrival, together with his accomplice ganged raped her, took her phone and money.

Again on Friday, August 30, 2019 and Thursday, September 5 respectively, the same gang led another two Nigerian women named Dora Onanoye and Mercy Gordin to Ada Foah, pulled a knife and scissors upon arrival, took their mobile phones, cash, ganged raped them at an abandoned building and leaving them to their fate.

DCOP Mr. Akrofi-Oyirifi noted that, on Friday, September 6, 2019, the Tema police intelligence in collaboration with some of the victims apprehended the rapists and brought them to book. He furthered that the police tracked and arrested Mohammed at Kajahia in Ada on a tip-off while his accomplice, Abraham, was arrested at a funeral ground.

The police said, the Ada divisional police will be doing identification parade on Friday, September 13, at 10am for ladies who have fallen victims to their activities to come forward and identify them in order to build a strong case in their prosecution.

Doctor Cautions men to visit the toilet before having sex

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Let’s be real. Having sex with someone new or old can be both extremely exciting and overwhelmingly intimidating. There’s a lot of pressure to “get it right” and to “make sure everything’s perfect.” Even if you know those pressures are ridiculous, having all of them hovering over you can sometimes hinder the fun of the experience.

While there’s no way to control the world around you, there are a few tangible things you can check off your list to make sure you at least feel as prepared as possible before you add another name to your sexytime list.

The latest to add to the list is toilet, and that’s according Dr. Adu Boahene.

Interview with SVTV Africa with host DJ Nyaami, the Chief Executive Officer of Genesis Homeopathic Clinic, Dr. Kwadwo Adu Boahene revealed that, men are to visit the toilet before engaging in any sexual affair to prevent any anorectal disorder.

“The anus is linked to the penis. So If you have a very strong anorectal muscle, when you erect, it stands firm. But if you have a weak anorectal muscle, when you erect, it doesn’t stand firm. If you want a very strong penis, pay attention to your anus and if you want a strong and firm erection, visit the toilet before having sex or before you sleep.” He noted.

Dr. Boahene also pointed out that, men who enjoys quickies all the time, stands a chance of having a poor performance in bed for the rest of their lives. He said, this is because the brain gets used to the one-minute performance in bed and this result in bad sexual life.

Dr. Kwadwo Adu Boahene is a Medical Doctor by profession and the CEO of Genesis Homeopathic Clinic located in Tema, Community four (4).

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