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Exclusive: Ghana Music Awards UK Slated For October 5 - CEO Confirms

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Music biggest night in the UK, the 2019 Ghana Music Awards UK will take place in London on October 5, 2019.

Even though, the awards night is yet to be launch in Ghana, CEO of Alordia Promotions, organizers of Ghana Music Awards UK, Nii Ofori Tackie known as Alordia in an exclusive interview on SVTV Africa, noted that, the awards will come off on Saturday 5 October, 2019 in London.

“Last year was great and we all know that and just like last year, we are here to do the press launch. The press launch will come off this Thursday at Accra City hotel but the main program will come off on 5th October. I am supposed to disclose it on Thursday but I just gave you the exclusive”

The press launch of this year’s Ghana Music Awards UK will come off on 18th July, 2019 at the Accra City Hotel.

Mr. Alordia added that, nominees announcement and any other details will be shared at the press launch on Thursday.

He noted that, they expect this year’s edition to be one of the best they have seen in recent years.

KIA Authorities Must Stop Embarrassing People At Terminal 3 – Kikibess Boss

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Chief Executive Officer of KikiBees Pub, Lounge and Restaurant, Bennet Agyekum has called on management of Kotoka International Airport (KIA) to stop the embarrassment been meted out to escorts of passengers at the airport.

Explaining his ordeal, he told host DJ Nyaami on SVTV Africa that, even though, he is happy Ghana now has a standard airport, the new terminal 3, but he is very sad at the way things are done at the departure hall.

“I went to drop somebody off at the airport. We got to the hall only to be told passengers only and escorts are not allowed. I don’t think is good because, every international airport allows you to escort your friend or love one to the airport and it’s even bad for business. A woman was also prevented from entering with the excuse that, the airport is too busy. They must regulate it and stop embarrassing people at the terminal 3, because it’s a disgrace to Ghana”

Mr. Agyekum added that, for a moment, he was ashamed of being a Ghanaian. 

He urged authorities to look into the issue and stop it instantly because, it is tarnishing the image of Ghana and also bad for businesses at the food court at the airport.

NAM1’s Return Is Of No Use If We Can’t Get Our Back Money - Prophet Samuel Ben Owusu

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Embattled Chief Executive Officer of Menzgold Ghana Limited, Nana Appiah Mensah, aka NAM1, has come under serious criticism over the past seven months.

The beleaguered businessman, who arrived from Dubai last week Thursday morning after going through a series of legal battles in Dubai. Upon his arrival, he was quickly apprehended by the police, and was hauled before the court which had issued a warrant for his arrest when he was out of the country.

Commenting on the issue, founder of the Potters Ville Church, Bishop Sam Ben Owusu described NAM 1’s returning to Ghana as needless if customers of Menzgold do not get back their money.

Bishop Ben Owusu told host DJ Nyaami in an interview on SVTV Africa that, even though he is happy for NAM 1’s return, he is more concern about the people who has lost their lives in the quest of getting their monies back from Menzgold.

“Well, I’m happy for his return but I’m more worried about the people who has lost their money and lives. People has lost their marriages; Pastors has lost their churches all because of this NAM 1. So me I think, NAM 1’s return is of no use, if people can’t get their monies back because people are suffering” he added.

He furthered that, government should ensure that, Menzgold pays its customers and also enforce the law.

“You see our institutions are weak, but we want to encourage our institutions to let the law deal with him. Let’s help the people get their money back”

Bishop Owusu urged Ghanaians to be more cautious when investing their money in some financial institutions. He also urged government to make sure the financial institutions in the country stand on their fit to boost Ghanaians confidence in local institutions.

Bishop Sam Ben Owusu is headlining an upcoming conference dubbed ‘International Oil To Prosper Conference 2019’ organized by the Potters Ville Church.

The conference will see seasoned and respected ministers of God who will share their responsibility of giving counsel and direction to the thousands in attendance, complementing each other’s effort with the quality and uniqueness.

The date for the conference is 22nd July to 4th August, 2019 at the Potters Ville Church, East Legon Hills.

I Want A Tall Guy To Date – Ghanaian Female Songstress

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Budding musician, Vanessa Turkson-Duodo known in showbiz circles as Vanessa Nice says she is tired of battling with her height when she needs to get something beyond her reach, because of that, she needs a tall guy to date.

The singer in an interview on SVTV Africa disclosed that, she doesn’t need a guy who is rich or fame but a guy who is taller than her to have a relationship with.

“No, I’m not dating now…oh I don’t have any type particular but definitely I must not be taller than you, he must be taller than me. Apart from that, you must have money, love and wisdom. Everything small small”

She told host DJ Nyaami that, even though she would like to date a tall guy, she is currently dating her music career for now.

Asked if she would like to date or crushing on anybody from the industry, she replied “I don’t have anybody in mind. Before God, I don’t have anybody, I don’t know why but I’m not crushing on anybody maybe because I’m don’t see them or they don’t come out” she said.

Vanessa Nice is signed unto Dream wide music. She is currently promoting her new single “Attention” which features Ghanaian rapper, Kofi Mole. Production credits goes to MOG Beatz. A great tune recommended for you.

Our Music Industry Is Lagging Behind Because Of Back-Bitting Among Ourselves - ZeeTown Melody

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Some Musicians and music lovers are of view that, the Ghanaian music industry is stagnant and not progressing.

Sensational musical group Zeetown Melody happen to share the same opinion. The group noted that, the industry is still lagging behind as a result of slander among artistes.

They told host DJ Nyaami in an interview on SVTV Africa that, even though the industry is progressing pretty well, it’s not moving faster as should it be because of disunity among some Ghanaian artistes.

“The industry is going forward and coming backwards at the same time, and it’s because we don’t support ourselves like the Nigerians do. Some Ghana man will see an opportunity that will change his friend’s destiny but will never connect him, all these are making our music industry lag behind because of the backbiting among ourselves”

Jay Smith, the other half of the group added that, some industry players who can also help upcoming artists promote their music will be demanding for money before pushing it.

Asked which artiste they would like to feature in their upcoming projects, they disclosed that, they would love to feature highlife legends Amakye Dede and Kojo Antwi respectively.

 The group who are brothers made of Jay Smith and Adekid collectively known as ZeeTown Melody have made some serious waves since last year.

They started off with ‘Roll It’ featuring BHIM Nation prince – Kelvyn Boy last year. The song ended up been one of the most played songs during the Christmas festivities in 2018.

Now they are back with a love song titled ‘Guda’ and genuinely telling boys out there to express their feelings to women. ‘Guda’ in Hausa means one.

The group is currently promoting their new single ‘Guda’ and production credits goes Streetbeatz.

With soaring harmonies, gorgeous song compositions and mentoring from R2Bees, Possigee, Streetbeatz and more; ZeeTown Melody are one of the most promising new acts for 2019.

Ghanaian Female Musicians Are Not Pushing The Music Industry Enough Like The Men - Yaa Sika

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Budding Ghanaian songstress, Yaa Sika, has joined the myriad of female musicians who have expressed their immense dissatisfaction about the nature of some female Ghanaian musicians.

The singer noted that, most of her female colleagues are not pushing the music industry enough like the guys are doing.

He told host DJ Nyaami in an interview on SVTV Africa that, the music industry is dominated by guys because, the female artistes aren’t pushing hard enough.

“The music industry is doing quite well especially with the guys. But with female side, there is no competition. One female artiste will bring a style and all the other female musicians will start copying it, making the industry less competitive. So the female musicians are not pushing the industry enough compared to the guys”

Sika added that, she is bringing a different vibe to the music scene that will give the current crop of female artistes a huge competition.

Asked if she would like to feature some female musicians in Ghana, she replied “Yeah sure sure, I would like to feature Gifty Osei. She is one artiste who doesn’t care about the negatives things people say about her and the kind of songs she does is good, so if I get the chance I will feature her”

Sika furthered that, she is hopeful of working with her record label Hofam Entertainment for long.

Yaa Sika is currently promoting her new single ‘Sika Beba’ which features award winning singer Nero X and production credits goes to Willis Beatz.

Prophet Kumchacha Goes Hard On MPs Over $200m New Chamber Saga

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The founder and leader of the Heaven’s Gate Ministry, Prophet Nicholas Osei popularly known as Prophet Kumchacha has descended heavily on parliamentarians over their decision to get the construction of a new 450-seater chamber.

Kumchacha has challenged the lawmakers to fix the deplorable roads in the country before they could get the support of the citizenry for the construction of a new 450-seater chamber.

In an interview on SVTV Africa, Kumchacha lambaste the MPs and suggested that, the lawmakers should run on shift just like the double-track system currently being run in Ghana.

“About three days ago, we woke up to news that, Parliamentarians want a new parliament house. Sometimes when I watch TV, I become sad….of all the 275 MPs sometimes you will only see 50 or 60 MPs in the chamber, the rest are absent. If you, the MPs are complaining of small chamber, then you should run shift just like the double-track system. You can also do the double track system, some will come in the morning and some in the afternoon. Me prophet Kumchacha, I push you all to go inside”

He, therefore, issued a stern warning to the lawmakers about the move to get the construction of a new 450-seater chamber.

The issue of MPs getting a new 450-seater chamber has come under serious criticism by the public. You can also join the action using the hangtag #dropthatchamber.

who directly or indirectly assisted CEO of Menzgold NAM 1 to fraudulently extort monies from Ghanaians. 

I Don't Need A Bodyguard; God Is My Protector - Fameye

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Fast-rising Ghanaian musician Fameye, popularly known for his hit single 'Nothing I get' has revealed that he does need any sort of protection from any man.

Fameye told host DJ Nyaami in interview on SVTV Africa that, he does not need a bodyguard or any protection from man. According to him, God is his protector, so if God does not protect him, no man can protect him.

"I don't have a bodyguard and I don't need a bodyguard, I walk with God and He is my protector. I can have a bodyguard and still get attacked, so God is my protector not man"

Asked if he goes to church frequently, he said "I don't go to church but I pray a lot, like I don't remember the last time I went to church but I pray a lot even more than some people who go to church"

Fameye has been in the news lately after he was accused of slapping his manager. He is currently promoting his new single entitled "Mati" produced by LiquidBeatz.

Fameye Speaks For The First Time After Allegedly Slapping His Manager

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Fast-rising Ghanaian musician Fameye, popularly known for his hit song Nothing I get, has reacted to reports that he slapped OGB Music boss, Ogidi Brown in a viral video.

News broke out on Monday that Fameye has left his label after slapping his manager during a heated argument.

In an exclusive interview on SVTV Africa, Fameye explained his side of the story and apologized.

He told host DJ Nyaami that, he signed the Europe tour contract because management permitted him to do that. He explained that the argument started when his manager wants to collect the money from his Europe tour but he never slapped his manager or anybody as the video portrayed. 

"My Europe tour was great. I met the promoters to sign the contract because my manager is not here so he permitted me to do that on his behalf. 

"The issue is that, my manager came to the show to take the money from the Europe tour and it happened so because, the promoters don't know my management but me, so when he asks for the money, I told him since I arrived 2 weeks ago you've never checked on me to know whether I'm good or not but when it came to money, you're here. 

"So I told him, he should hold on because I've used some part of the money to buy dress among other things for myself but he said no and that's where the argument started. Not knowing they were videoing me, and I asked why are they doing that, so I smacked the phone and left. I never slapped my manager, as the video portrayed," Fameye said. 

Fameye added that none of his management team showed up for his tour in all the countries and felt been treated unfairly by the label but he can't fault them because they were busy. He noted that regardless of everything he is not leaving the record label. 

The 'Nothing I Get' hitmaker further apologized to his management for everything.

"Ghanaians I'm sorry if they say I've slapped my manager, OGB, I'm sorry please forgive me as your younger brother. Let's go back to our old ways"

Fameye is currently out with his new single entitled "Mati" produced by LiquidBeatz.

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