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I Am Scared Of Marriage - Nina Ricchie Reveals

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Singer, Nina Ricchie joined the music bandwagon around a year ago and although she has what every man will be looking for in a woman, the singer has disclosed that, one of the things that scares her in life is marriage.

Nina Ricchie has joined the likes of Paedae of R2bees, who recently said he doesn’t believe in the concept of marriage.

Speaking to host, Akosua Gemini on SVTV Africa, the well-endowed singer said she is naturally a tough person but one thing that scares her in life is marriage and she has no plans of getting married.

‘‘Charley I am good, I don’t wanna get married, I’m scared of marriage to be honest. It really scares me. I like to be free and my partner also wants to be free, because if I wanna have fun with somebody else he is not going agree to that, so no I’m not getting married.

Asked why marriage scares her and what if her man wants to marry her in the next ten years, she replied ‘‘I really like to be free and I don’t wanna feel like marriage is a prison, so I’m not ready for that and my man is an older guy so I don’t think he will do it’’

Nina Ricchie who is a mother of one, added that, she would like to have four children but time won’t allow her to do that.

‘‘honestly speaking I wanted four but I don’t think I have time for that, so I will just do one or two more’’

Nina Ricchie is out with a new song called Tsoobi and is currently doing the rounds for the promotion.


Ghanaian Artists Will Soon Turn To Jehovah Witness Members - Mzbel

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Controversial Ghanaian singer, Belinda Nana Ekua Amoah known in showbiz as Mzbel has said Ghanaian artists will soon turn to Jehovah Witness members, going door to door promoting their songs.

Speaking to host Ayisha Bayipa on SVTV Chat which airs on SVTV Africa, Mzbel said, the music industry is getting worse as days go by, as a result of that, she is sure Ghanaian artist will someday turn Jehovah Witness members going around promoting their songs.

‘‘Some years ago promoting songs in Ghana wasn’t that difficult, all you have to do is just go and sing as an artist and make your big money, however in recent times, you have to literary beg people to play your songs and even beg people to listen to your songs, trust me artists will soon turn to Jehovah Witness members going door-to-door just to promote their songs’’

Mzbel explained that, even though social media is here to stay, she feels someday people will be fed up with social media and that will result in artists going door to door promoting their songs.

On whether artists are making enough money currently, she replied ‘‘we are not making enough money from the music anymore unlike years ago when you make money after releasing the song, now unless you play shows’’ She noted.

Asked whether she has been receiving royalties she replied ‘‘ Yes I use to receive royalties in Ghana but I no longer do it’s too stressful, I now receive royalties from Ivory Coast and other countries.’’

Mzbel, the “16 years” hitmaker over the years has been known for her controversial statement and actions and it appears she won’t be changing anytime soon.

The Singer is out with her single ‘‘Super Man’’ which she says is different from all her songs.


I have always wanted to be an actress - Freda Rhymz

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Talented rapper and Black Avenue Music artist Fredda Rhymz has disclosed that, growing up, she had wanted to be an actress and not a musician. 

In an interview with host Ayisha Bayipa on SVTV Africa, the talented rapper said growing up she had wanted to be an actress and not a musician even though she sings and act when she was in high school.

"Growing up I have always wanted to be an actress or a flight attendant and not a musician, I love acting so much, I use to entertain my friends when I was in high school, I never dreamt of becoming a musician"

Freda Rhymz added that, her dream of becoming an actress or a flight attendant was crashed when one Boham identified a musical talent in her when she moved to Accra five years ago.

"I use to do my normal freestyle on snap chat until one day, a guy called Boham said I'm very talented, he likes what I do and he offered to help me"

Asked if she will quit music to pursue acting, she replied " No, I have been called to do music, so I'm focusing on doing music now, besides it is still showbiz." She noted.

Freda Rhymz is currently promoting her new single "I dey go" which features Kelvynboy.


My accident was God's plan - Yaw Siki

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My Accident Was God's Plan To Fulfill His Purpose In My Life - Yaw Siki Tells Critics

Rapper born again Christian Yaw Siki, has disclosed that, his gory accident in 2013 was God's plan to fulfill His purpose in his life.

It recalled that, rapper Criss Waddle recently said, the former hiplife artiste Yaw Siki was forced to give his life to Christ because of potholes and the bad state of the Accra-Tema Motorway.

But in an interview with host Ayisha Bayipa on SVTV Chat, which airs on SVTV Africa, brother Yaw as he is now called refuted the claim and said, his accident was God's plan to fulfill His purpose in his life.

"You know God used the accident to draw me closer to Him, for me to know Him and see His power, so for me, my accident was God's plan to fulfill His purpose in my life."

Asked whether he is still cool with his old friends, he replied "we don't get time to sit and chat like we use to do but sometimes we chat on social media." he added.

After surviving a gory accident in 2013, the musician, born Isaac Okai, gave his life to Christ and started preaching the gospel.

The accident on the Accra-Tema Motorway did not just leave him bedridden for months, but it also renewed his faith in God.

Yaw Siki, who had his debut hiplife song “Wope Dodo” in 2011, switched from secular music to gospel in appreciation of God’s favour for him and the second chance offered him.

Brother Yaw is currently promoting his new single "Gyina" which features Kofi Karikari and produced by JMJ.

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