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Position yourself well before you come to me - Delay advises young women

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Television personality, Deloris Frimpong Manso has urged young women who want to be like her to position themselves well before coming to her. 

Given a motivational speech at the woman rising CEO SUMMIT, Delay said she receives lots of messages from young women who wants to be like her, this Delay said, there is the for young women to reposition themselves before coming close to her for advise.

"So if you are a young woman and you keep texting me Delay, I want to be like you, you need to reposition yourself before coming close to me, so you can become the brand you want to be in years to come"

Delay added that, there is also the need for young women to take the necessary risks in achieving their goals. 

She furthered that, for young women to sustain their brands, it is imperative to know the brands you associate yourself with. 

"Building and position your brand, it is very important to take into consideration which brands you are associating yourself with" she noted. 

She challenge young women to go outside their comfort zones to attain greatness.


Forget English, Twi has taken me to places – Delay

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Popular Ghanaian show host, Deloris Frimpong Manso has disclosed that her outspoken Ghanaian language; Twi has taken her to many places where English would have limited her to.

Speaking at the woman rising CEO SUMMIT, Delay emphatically stated that she will not carry English on her shoulders like a badge of honor as many people cherish.

The controversial presenter said she will continue to communicate with the local language which she is comfortable with because it has taken her to many places and will continue to send her to places.

Delay noted that where her Twi has taken her to, people with a Masters Degree in English cannot go and that she will continue to be proud of her mother tongue.

She quoted:

“Where I’ll Go To With My Twi, You Can’t Go There With Your Masters Degree English” Says Delay

According to Delay, English Language is not something she’ll carry on her shoulders like a badge of honour. 

The cocky Tv Presenter made the statement in a video she shared, in which she was addressing some audience.


Ghana no longer has music industry - Streetbeatz

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Music Producer, Streetbeatz have disclosed that, there is no longer Music Industry in Ghana.

In an interview with host Ayisha Bayipa on SVTV Africa, the creative beat maker said, he sees no industry currently in Ghana and that everybody is doing his or her own thing.

He explained that, if there is a music industry, that means we have something standing for every Musician in Ghana.

"Actually, I see no industry currently in Ghana, I think everybody is doing his or her own thing right now because if we have an industry that means we should have something sustainable standing for every Musician in Ghana else we don't have anything call industry in Ghana."

Asked what we have currently in Ghana, he replied "I can't tell but this is not a Music Industry."

Streetbeatz furthered that, if the Ghana Industry will revive again, all relevant stakeholders must come together and have a stakeholders forum.

"I won't blame only one person, I blame everybody however the way forward is, all relevant stakeholders must come together and have a stakeholders forum to revive the Industry. "

Streetbeatz has produced amazing beats in Ghana and beyond.


Petrah urges fellow female artists to do more collaborations

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Petrah in an interview with SVTV Africa, has urged her fellow female musicians to do more collaborations to help build a strong industry.

The Manner record queen, said this in line with a question that urged her to change one thing in the music industry provided she was the MUSIGHA President.

“I have never thought of being in Obuor’s position, however, I think there should be more female collaborations. The men seem to be collaborating every now and then unlike the ladies’’. She said.

 According to her, she has been with her record label for two years now and her journey so far has been good. The body composer, also revealed that, she is looking forward to work with Stonebwoy following her collaboration with Reekado Banks.

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