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My songs are popular than the ones you nominated - Lil Win fires VGMA

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Actor cum musician Kojo Nkansah popularly known as Lil Win has berated Charter House, organizers of Ghana Music Awards to do better job by nominating songs that are popular and stop being bias.

The actor cum singer noted that, most of his songs he released in the under review are more popular than the ones the awards scheme nominated for this year’s awards.

Lil Win when asked why he songs were not nominated in this year’s VGMA, told host DJ Nyaami on SVTV Africa that, he is surprise why he songs were not nominated in any of the category in this year’s VGMA Awards even though his songs are popular but because the organizers think he is an actor and not a musician.

“The organizers see me as an actor and not a musician, they don’t see the need in awarding me as a musician unlike Europe, regardless of where you are, you will still be awarded but it isn’t the same in Ghana. But the thing is, most of my songs are more popular than the artistes they nominate and the fans cheer to my performances more than those artistes”.

Lil Win added that, even though he songs were not nominated, when he sees his fans cheering and chanting his name, that alone is more than any award to him.


Pastors who allow Stonebwoy, Shatta Wale songs in their churches will go to hell - Evangelist

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The issue of secular music being played in Churches is certainly not ending now especially when some religious leaders are still not happy with it. 

Renowned Radio and TV Evangelist, Kingsley Agyenim Boateng has condemned and described Pastors who allow Shatta Wale, Stonebwoy's Songs to be played in Churches will go to hell.

The host of Anidaso on Kasapa 102.5FM, said on his show that, instead of worship songs like that of Elder Mireku songs be played in Churches, Churches are rather busy playing secular music like that of Shatta Wale and Stonebwoy's. 
"These days, I don't know what's going on, Secular music are being in Churches and that is want the people want whiles Elder Mireku's songs are there. Ghanaians wake up, these Pastors are liars and having the spirit of Gehazi"

Agyenim Boateng further described Pastors who take money from their members before seeing them as deceptive and Liars. 

"What is going on lately is appalling, how can you pay GH¢ 500.00 before you're allowed to see your Pastor, your own Pastor. These Pastors are liars, deceptive and having the spirit of Gehazi"

He cautioned churches to desist from playing secular music and rather play worship songs like that of Elder Mireku.

Evangelist Agyenim Boateng urged Ghanaians especially Christians to run away from deceptive and fake Pastors because, they have nothing better to offer them. 

Evangelist Kingsley Agyenim Boateng is the host of Anidaso Live Worship on Kasapa 102.5FM between 10am and 12pm.


Pataapa is ungrateful; I regret working with him - Europe Tour Promoter

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Nana Amoako CEO of Young Mission Entertainment, the firm behind Pataapa's recent Europe Tour has said, Pataapa is an ungrateful artist and he regret working with him.

It will be recalled that, Pataapa recently embarked on a Europe Tour, even though the tour went down pretty well, but not without controversies. Pataapa on his return, shun the media and angrily walked into his car, apparently this has a lot to do with money.

In a recent interview, the 'One Corner' hit maker accused his Europe Tour promoter of lying and threatened to sue him if does not bring his money. This, didn't go down well with the promoter, hence he described Pataapa as an ungrateful artist.

In a interview with DJ Nyaami on 'We Dey Vibe' on SVTV Africa, Nana Amoako revealed that, the money owed Pataapa and his management team is not be paid by him, but a different promoter in Norway but because he led Pataapa and his team to the said promoter in Norway, that is why Pataapa is accusing him of lying. Nonetheless, Nana Amoako said this is not the right way to go about the issue especially after all the goods things he has done for Pataapa for free.

"Initially I didn't want to work with Patapaa but I changed my mind later. I've done lots of work for Patapaa for free, so if by any chance there is a money issue, which I told you I'll sort you out even if the Norway promoter refuses to pay. You shouldn't go out there and be tarnishing my image, Patapaa is an ungrateful artist and I regret working with him, this will be last time I'll be working with him," he said.

He added that, Pataapa while in Europe, gave him a lot of trouble but he overlooked it and moved on because he has a lot of respect for artistes whether big or small.

"Tell you what, Patapaa gave me a lot of trouble while in Europe but out of respect for artists, Young Mission Entertainment, we didn't say anything because it's part of the business so we just overlooked it and move on"

Nana Amoako however promised to pay Patapaa by the close of the week, whether he receives the money from the Norwegian promoter not.

Young Mission Entertainment is a vibrant Ghanaian and world wide artiste management and  event organizing company, with a vision of promoting African artistes in abroad.


VGMA 2019 : Kuami Eugene Deserves Artist Of The Year - Kurl Songx

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Highly Spiritual Records crooner, Kurl Songx is rooting for Kuami Eugene as the Artiste of the Year at the 2019 Vodafone Ghana Music Awards.

Kurl Songx told host DJ Nyaami on WE DEY VIBE on SVTV Africa that, Kuami Eugene deserves the Artiste of the Year because he has worked hard last year and also because he is a young artist competing with the big acts in the music industry.

“Most of the artistes nominated in that category did well last year but to be honest, I feel Kuami Eugene has worked so hard in the year under review and deserves to win the artist of the year once he is nominated”

To Kurl Songx, Kuami Eugene is among young artist competing with the big shots, which he thinks, the young act deserves to win the artist of the year.

 Kurl Songx on the other didn’t earn any nomination in this year’s VGMA.

Kurl Songx is currently promoting his new single ‘Lobi’ which was releases some days ago.

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