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Smoking marijuana gives you a unique voice – Musician Klarah Kay

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Musician, Klarah Kay has advised her colleague musicians to smoke marijuana otherwise known as wee in the local parlance before they enter their studios to record songs.

According to her, smoking marijuana gives every musician a unique voice and puts their songs at above others because weed-smoking also broadens their minds and thoughts

The musician who was speaking to Host Dj Nyaami on SVTV AFRICA in an interview monitored by said ” I will advise every singer to smoke wee. If you are a singer, smoke wee. because wee opens your throat up. If you smoke wee and you enter the booth, there’s a sound it gives you but when you don’t smoke that also has a sound it gives you”.

“Colleague musicians who cannot smoke the illegal herb should boil it and take it like they take their tea.”

“Sometimes when you smoke and write your songs and you become conscious you will even doubt that you wrote the songs yourself”, she emphasized

She indicated that although she used to be a chain smoker, she has now cut down on her smoking adding that she smokes only when she’s entering the booth to record a song.

“I used to smoke but I’ve never smoked and gone on stage. To me if I smoke and go on stage i will flop. I only smoke to learn or write good songs. When you smoke, the highness takes you to a certain level and opens your brain up at once”.


I won’t sign any artist until I retire from music - Empress Gifty Adorye

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Award-winning gospel musician Gifty Adorye has revealed that she will only sign an upcoming artiste after she has retired from music.

According to the Aseda singer, this will let her have ample time to be able to promote her artiste to the top.

She made this known in an interview with DJ Nyaami on SVTV Africa when she was asked about her support for an upcoming artiste.

“Oh of course, yes! But now I’m still doing music so when I retire from my music I will sign an artiste. Because two captains can never be on a ship.” She said.

Gifty explained that, “It is wrong and unadvisable for an artiste to sign his fellow artiste under his record label, it doesn’t help. So I like the way Lynx Entertainment is doing it, he put his career aside and building an image because it’s not right to compete with the young ones. He’ll compete with Kuami Eugene and the likes – his own artistes. He’ll grab all the shows for himself; do you think when I have an artiste under me and there is a show worth GHS30,000 – what am I going to do? So me, when you hear I’m signing an artiste that means Empress, I have retired from music. So I will give my focus to the person, I’ll push the person to where I want the person to go.”

Meanwhile, Gifty noted that, she is ever ready to support any upcoming artiste with their songs.

Empress Gifty Adorye is currently promoting her new single titled ‘Jesus Over Do’ which is a song off her upcoming album.

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I’m Dating More Than 30 Boys - Ghanaian Musician Reveals

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Budding dancehall artiste Klarah Kay has made stunning revelations about her
relationship life. The Tema-based artiste revealed that, she is currently dating
more than 30 guys and she is happy with all of them.

She made this known in interview with DJ Nyaami on SVTV Africa when
asked about her relationship life.
“Boyfriend - I don’t know oo, they’re plenty I can’t count all of them. oh there’s
time, I have time for all of them and I play them according to the way I have to
but I don’t want them to know my tricks so I won’t say it. They’re not up to 50
but they are more than 30 boys.” She said.

Klarah who is always seen posting photos that are considered promiscuous and
almost shows her nakedness says she does that because she loves seeing herself
half-naked stating emphatically that she is only flaunting what God has blessed
her with.
“I’m a nudy-photo model like semi-nude photo model. I used to do them but I
stopped because of school but I’ve come back again. Oh no how can I be shy?
God has blessed me with fresh body like this, I don’t have to keep it to myself
else I will be selfish. Everybody likes to see beautiful things and it’s done well.”
She added.

Meanwhile the outspoken young act has disclosed that, even though she
believes in the existence of God, she doesn’t believe in the Bible because it is
full of lies. According to her, the Bible is misleading and full of deceit
therefore, she doesn’t believe and go by it.

Klarah further pointed out that, smoking of weed is good for the body. She said,
it helps her to write good lyrics she wouldn’t be able write when she is normal.


Skrew Faze caution fellow artist to stay off partisan politics as election approaches

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Musician Jehoshaphat Kwabena Eshun, known in showbiz circles as Skrew Faze, has advised Ghanaian musicians to stay away from partisan politics as election approaches.

 He told DJ Nyaami during an interview on SVTV Africa at this year’s Obonu FM Kenkey party. Skrew Faze advised Ghanaian artistes to stay away from politicians who will come to them with sweet words convincing them for endorsement during their campaigns.

“First and foremost, I’m not affiliated to any political party. The thing is every party will say something that will glorify them and do what they like and at the end of the day, it’s we the citizens that suffer. And looking at what is going on, it’s only two parties that are ruling the country and when it happens like that, people suffer. So imagine, after performing on a particular platform, I go ahead and endorse that party maybe too some fans belong to party B, so when it happens like that, I’ll lose those fans. So for me, I’ll advise my fellow musicians – don’t go into politics because after using you, they will dump you.” He said.

The ‘Gbalagaza’ hitmaker however noted that, he is ever ready to perform at any political platform as that is his business. “If you call me for a program, I’ll come and play it but don’t expect me to mention your party’s name and endorse you. Because I love my country and I love everybody. I have NPP fans, NDC fans, CPP fans, everybody is part. If you want me to come and perform, no problem - I’ll come and even perform about 20 songs but don’t expect me to endorse you.”  He said.

Skrew Faze is currently working on his upcoming album which will be released April this year. The upcoming album titled “Better Days” will definitely be a master piece employing more creative minds and major acts such as Ghana’s self-acclaimed Dancehall king Shatta Wale.

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