Doctor Cautions men to visit the toilet before having sex

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Let’s be real. Having sex with someone new or old can be both extremely exciting and overwhelmingly intimidating. There’s a lot of pressure to “get it right” and to “make sure everything’s perfect.” Even if you know those pressures are ridiculous, having all of them hovering over you can sometimes hinder the fun of the experience.

While there’s no way to control the world around you, there are a few tangible things you can check off your list to make sure you at least feel as prepared as possible before you add another name to your sexytime list.

The latest to add to the list is toilet, and that’s according Dr. Adu Boahene.

Interview with SVTV Africa with host DJ Nyaami, the Chief Executive Officer of Genesis Homeopathic Clinic, Dr. Kwadwo Adu Boahene revealed that, men are to visit the toilet before engaging in any sexual affair to prevent any anorectal disorder.

“The anus is linked to the penis. So If you have a very strong anorectal muscle, when you erect, it stands firm. But if you have a weak anorectal muscle, when you erect, it doesn’t stand firm. If you want a very strong penis, pay attention to your anus and if you want a strong and firm erection, visit the toilet before having sex or before you sleep.” He noted.

Dr. Boahene also pointed out that, men who enjoys quickies all the time, stands a chance of having a poor performance in bed for the rest of their lives. He said, this is because the brain gets used to the one-minute performance in bed and this result in bad sexual life.

Dr. Kwadwo Adu Boahene is a Medical Doctor by profession and the CEO of Genesis Homeopathic Clinic located in Tema, Community four (4).

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