Add Road Safety & Police Education To The Education Curricula - DSP Mohammed Urges Gov't

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Even though The National Road Safety Commission (NRSC) in collaboration with the Ghana Education Service has developed a road safety textbooks and manual to be integrated into the basic school education curricula, that seems not to be enough.

Former Nima Police Commander, Deputy Superintendent of Police, Hajia Sa-Ada Mohammed also known as Hajia Police has urge government to add road safety and police education to the curriculum from basic level.

This, she believes will prevent some unnecessary accidents on the roads.

DSP Mohammed made this known in an interview with SVTV Africa with host DJ Nyaami.

She explained that most of the deaths through pedestrian crossing occurred among children and the youth because they were ignorant of road traffic regulations.

"I think road safety and policing, these two things should be added to the Ghana education service, because it's all about life. Some young ones who didn't take their time to learn driving don't know the road safety regulations so they drive anyhow on the road which is bad" she noted.

Hajia Police also stated that, with the introduction of police education in the curriculum, it will promote a cordial relationship between the police and civilians.
"In some houses in Ghana, people use police to scare children which is bad. So with the introduction of policing in the curriculum, it will help cordial relationship between the police and civilians where a police can even invite a suspect via phone or walk to the zongo and invite the person. Because being invited by the police does not mean you're guilty, you're only a suspect until proven guilty, but that education is not there. So there is always a fight or misunderstanding when the police invites a suspect. So we need to introduce policing in the curriculum. She added.

Hajia Police was optimistic that with the introduction of the road safety and police education concept in the schools, it would expose the students to basic knowledge in road safety and the police service.

She added that the concept would have positive impact on pupils and is a shared and collective responsibility of all and sundry, including children, who had a role to play.

Hajia Police who is also a musician, is out with two new songs titled 'Sa Adul Islam' and 'Ba re ka de Sala'.

The songs talks about peace among religions, and also educates the youth.
The songs have received massive airplay on radio since its release and is available on all digital platforms.

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