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Television and radio personality Afia Schwazeneger has termed Ghanaians as hypocrites, failing to support their own and trying their very best to shatter the efforts of any young person trying to make a living.

Afia Schwazeneger described the media, politicians and Ghanaians in general as hypocrites hailing and showing love to someone during their demise.

Afia angrily made these statements at the funeral grounds of the late dancehall diva Ebony Reigns.

According to the on-air personality, Ebony was always condemned for her raunchy performances and style of showbiz but in death she is being hailed because Ghanaians especially “big men” love to spend their “blood money” on the dead.

Speaking in an interview with SVTV Africa on 24th March, 2017 at the funeral grounds of Ebony, Afia cited “one-minute” celebrity Rashida “black beauty “as a clear example to support her arguments stating that Rashida is at a point in life where she needs help and support from Ghanaians but not a single soul has gone to her aid but if Rashida loses her life in a twinkle of an eye Ghanaians would pour out heart-felt tributes ad hail her.

“Look at Rashid for instance , she’s in a very uncomfortable situation the moment and is asking for help but everyone has turned a deaf ear to her plea, God forbid should Rashida die everyone would go to her house and shed tears.”Afia Schwazeneger furiously stated.

Afia Schwar added that Ghanaians should support their own whiles it lasts because as the old adage states “no one knows what he has until he losses it.”



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Controversial Ghanaian celebrity Afia Schwazeneger says she slapped someone in Dubai because the person bad-mouthed late dancehall artiste Ebony Reigns.

According to the entertainer she got furious when the “slap victim” called Ebony a bad influence on the youth of this generation. She added that Africans are hypocrites; hailing Beyoncé despite what Ghanaians term inappropriate dressing but condemns Ebony.

“I slapped someone in Dubai because the person was saying a lot of bad things about the young singer.” Afia stated

Afia Schwazeneger together with other celebrities were spotted at the burial grounds of Ebony Reigns to bid their farewell to the departed dancehall artiste.

Afia angrily asked all of Ebony’s critics to be happy because finally who they deemed to be a bad influence is no more.

Ebony Reigns was a fast rising Ghanaian  dancehall artiste known for her hit songs “Poison” and “Maame hwe” who met her untimely death on 8th Febuary,2018 on the Kumasi-Sunyani road with friend Franky Kuri and bodyguard Lance Corporal Atsu Vondee when they were returning from a visit to Ebony’s mum at Sunyani.  Born Priscilla Opoku-Kwarteng and known in the showbiz circles as Ebony Reigns died at the age of 20, weeks before her 21st birthday.



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Founder and Leader of the heaven’s Gate Ministries, Nicholas Osei, popularly known as Prophet Kumchacha has refuted claims that he has a grudge with controversial entertainment personality Afia Schwazeneger.

Earlier today Afia Schwazeneger stormed the studio of Kasapa Fm uninvited while Prophet Kumchacha was on air with broadcaster Gideon Okyere Anim popularly known as Gatuso. According to Afia Schwazeneger, Prophet Kumchacha claimed he gave spiritual guidance to uprising musician Patapaa which she sees untrue because Prophet Kumchacha is not “an anointed man of God.” These outspoken public figures continued the tug-of-insults within the environs of Kasapa Fm after Kumchacha went off air.

However, speaking in an exclusive interview on SVTV Africa Prophet Kumchacha emphatically stated that he has no problem with Afia Schwazeneger, but he hinted Afia may be angry with him because he didn’t side with her during her marriage breakdown.

“I Prophet Kumchacha do not have any problem with Afia Schwazeneger but probably she may be angry with me because I didn’t speak in favor of her when she had problems with her ex-husband Abrokwah.”  -Prophet Kumchacha stated in an interview with SVTV Africa’s Osuani Afrifa.

The Founder and Leader of the Heaven’s Gate Ministries has gone ahead to report Afia Schwazeneger to the Police for assaulting him.



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Controversial Ghanaian personalities Afia Schwazeneger and Prophet Kumchacha have been spotted in a heated argument at EIB Network's Kasapa Fm.

According to sources close ,Afia Schwazeneger banged into Kasapa Fm's studio when she heard Kumchacha claiming that he had given spiritual directions to a Patapaa. According to Afia, Kumchacha is not a prophet fit to give spiritual directions. This did not go down well with Prophet Kumchacha which ended up in a heated argument.

Kumchacha was a guest on the "Aben wo ha" on Kasapa Fm hosted by Gideon Okyere Anim(Gatusso).

Valentina Nana Agyeiwaa known in showbiz as Afia Shwarzenegger is a popular Ghanaian actress and comedian was seated at Kasapa Fm's pub situated at Adabraka when she heard Kumchacha's spiritual directions clam.

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