I get inspired to write good songs during sex – Queen Haizel

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Budding Afrobeat singer Queen Haizel has revealed how sex forms an essential component in
her music career. She made the disclosure during an interview with DJ Nyaami on SVTV Africa on what inspire
her works.

According to the ‘Lover boy’ singer, she’s mostly able to compose good songs during intense
sexual bout with her partner.
“I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, my own is sex. One major inspiration is sex. Most of my songs
were inspired by sex. Like if I have good sex, it makes me think well.” She said.
Queen Haizel stated that she has other things alongside sex that influences her work.
Sleep, and good company were two other things she mentioned that inspires her when she’s

Haizel also revealed how a Pastor friend once cum immediately after seeing her nakedness. She
explained, “There was this Pastor guy who wanted to date but didn’t say it from the outset. When
he visit me for lessons, he would ask me to follow him to his place to continue the lesson. One
time, I went to him and he was forcing me to sleep with him. Because he said, he haven’t had sex
for years.”
“I agree to what he said and lied down for him to do what he want to do, he took off my skirt and
pants, after seeing my nakedness, he cum immediately. That’s bad, I won’t waste my time on a
guy like that.” She said.

Queen Haizel is currently promoting her new single ‘Yetwem’ which literally means “we cancel
it”. She featured a young talented rapper from Cape Coast Wagez Rap. Haizel goes hard on this
masterpiece and advised everyone to put an end to all evil acts.

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