My Song Isn't aimed at mocking Kan Dapaah - Musician

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UK-based Ghanaian musician, Lady Sledge has stated that her ‘Fab3 Woso’ song is not a diss song directed at National Security Minister Kan Dapaah.

Few weeks ago, Ghanaians woke up to the trending news of the Minister of National Security, Hon. Albert Kan Dapaah modeling for a lady other than his wife in a video.

The video has received massive condemnation from Ghanaians on social media and traditional media as well.

Since Lady Sledge released her ‘Fab3 Woso’ song, several people have argued that the song was directed towards Kan Dapaah.

However, in an interview with DJ Nyaami on SVTV Africa, Lady Sledge said, the song was already out even before the Ministers’ issue came out. She added, the mentioning of Minister in the song is nothing but a mere coincidence.

“Somebody threatened me for mentioning Minister in the song. But even in Church, we got Minister in Church; that doesn’t mean the song has something to do with the Minister. No, coincidentally the Minister issue came, but Fab3 Woso is already done. The intention behind the song wasn’t for the Minister.” She said.

Lady Sledge added that, “Even the video is coming up, you’ll not see anything like pyjamas and all that, it depicts differently while the Minister’s situation is there. So that’s where I’m having a bit challenging but at the end of the day, because it wasn’t purposely for the Minister, I don’t care.”

Lady Sledge is currently working on the video for her single ‘Fab3 Woso’.

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