Widow Stops Presbyterian Church After Church Failed To Give Her Welfare Money

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the world’s largest religion with about 2.4 billion Christians who attends different denominations of a church to worship God.

 Although Christians are obliged to attend a church denomination of their choice, Abla Amu, a widow who fellowships with the Presbyterian Church of Ghana – in a recent interview with SVTV Africa revealed that she stopped going to Church because her Church failed to give her welfare money due her when she lost her husband.

 “I have stopped going to Church. I’m a Presbyterian but I have stopped going to that Church, reason being that, when I my husband passed on, the Church failed to give me money. I go to Church, do everything yet the Church didn’t support me when I lost my husband, so I quit the Church.” Abla noted.

 Abla, who is trader at the Tema Community One market, stated that, she prefers to stay at home than go to a place where she will not be valued.

 The issue of Christians not going to Church because of the level of hypocrisy and criticism from other Christians has been in the news lately.

 Is Abla’s reason enough to stop attending church services? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

 I am not a Christian writer. I am a writer who is a Christian. I am a follower of

Christ first before I am a writer. And I also believe that, when it comes to matters of faith, we all have a choice to make

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