Lady Recounts How She Was Initiated into Ashawo by Her Father

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A 20 year old lady has narrated the harrowing story of her life which has been filled with sexual assault from her father every year since she was 11 years old.

It is not easy for a 20-year-old to come to terms with the fact that she was defiled and impregnated by her own father. Seated and carrying her five-year-old baby on the laps, Abena (not real name) sorrowfully narrates her journey through the valley of depression.

Abena, narrated to SVTV Africa how she has been a victim of her father’s perverse libido. She told host DJ Nyaami on how her father started sleeping with her at 11 and despite the abominable nature of his actions he has not stopped.

In fact, according to the girl he pretends to be teaching her and through that, takes advantage and sleeps with her.

“It is because of my father, that I’m in this situation, doing prostitution. My dad started having sex with me when I was young at about eleven or twelve years old, as at the time we came to Tema community nine. I remember, he offered to teach me and if I don’t understand anything, he punishes me by sleeping with me but I couldn’t tell anyone what my dad was doing because he threatened to beat and kill me if I tell anyone.”

According to her, the constant sex left her pregnant at age fourteen.

“At age fourteen, I became pregnant. When I told my father, he asked me not to tell any other person, promising to help me to abort. He gave me some medicine, but I refuse to take it and told him I’ll reveal the secret but he threatened me that, he will take me to the Prampram sea and kill me there, out of fear, I didn’t tell anybody. He then sent me to his friend’s place at community eight.”

Abena revealed that, she gave birth in the six month of pregnancy unlike the normal nine-month journey. She pointed out that, her son eventually died after breast milk started oozing out of his nose.

Abena further revealed that her ordeal continued after she lost her son, she was sometimes maltreated and chained by her father to prevent her from going out. After sometime, she realized, she is pregnant again by her father.

Such stories come out every once in a while and they never stop being sad.

Abena’s life story is certainly a sad one. Watch the video below and listen to her full story:

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