D-Black Is A Rapper Who Is Always On Point – Ben Brako

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Ghanaian Highlife legend Ben Brako, has made a rather startling revelation. Ben Brako has showered praises on entrepreneur and rapper D-Black despite the popular opinion that he’s wack.

He disclosed this during an interview with SVTV Arica to host DJ Nyaami saying that, D-Black is a wonderful artist and he admired his rap style as well as his work in the Ghanaian Music Industry.

Ben Brako, who has featured D-Black on his upcoming project describe the rapper as one, who can be on point.

“D-black is one of the rappers who can be on point. Sometimes people criticize him that, he is not a good rapper but I think that, people miss the points sometimes, you know what I mean and his critics try to put him down. But D-Black is a great professional and when he does something, he does it to the max. It’s not just rhyme without reason, is rhyme with reason. That’s what a rapper is about. So D-Black is one of my favourite rappers.” He added.

The high life supremo added that, the Black did not go along with the crowd in terms of music in the industry he said he did things according to him and so could not compare himself to other artists.

The collaboration is a remix of Ben Brako’s ‘Moko Mekrom’ which was released in 1996. The remix, which is English is for the diaspora and is line with Ghana’s Year of Return.

The collaboration between Ben Brako and D-Black is a good move for D-Black and add up to his music career.

The ‘Moko Mekrom’ remix, is a great song to promote the ‘Year of Return’ concept and song to promote Ghana to the world.

Since 1995, Ben Brako has thrilled Ghanaians to great highlife and pop music, making him one of Ghana’s most respected artistes.

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