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The National Team Camp At Prampram Needs Serious Upliftment - Samuel Anim Addo

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CEO of Baby Jet Promotions and manager of Black Stars skipper Asamoah Gyan, Samuel Anim Addo has revealed that, the Prampram camping facility for the Ghana national team needs some renovation.

Anim Addo who was part of the team, who accompanied highlife musician Kwaisey Pee to donates items to the U-20 team told host DJ Nyaami in an interview on SVTV Africa that, the facility needs a serious upliftment for the camping of the national teams.

“The most important thing is that; it needs a serious uplift. Government should come in, because if the national teams all camp here, it’s the duty of all of us, so government must come in and let’s uplift the place. If the place is a center of excellence, then it should have every facility here, a minimum of three star so that we can camp the national team here. We can make here a city of soccer.” he added.

Anim Addo furthered that, the facility could also generate revenue to the state if given the needed development.

“Infrastructure in football should be also be developed, and here, looking at how vast the land is, we can build more pitches and all the national teams can camp here and it saves cost. At the same time, other teams who would like to camp outside their country can camp here. Other clubs can also camp here, so as far as it will be supporting the nation, it would also generate revenue and do a lot for the nation”

Samuel Anim Addo is currently promoting the annual Baby Jet U-16 tournament which kick start on July 19th at Goaso in the Western Region.

The tournament offers a huge career opportunity to many of such mushrooming talents hidden in the hinterlands and the cities.

The event is organized by Goldstars Consult Ltd and supported by Asamoah Gyan Foundation and baby Jet promotions.

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