KIA Authorities Must Stop Embarrassing People At Terminal 3 – Kikibess Boss

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Chief Executive Officer of KikiBees Pub, Lounge and Restaurant, Bennet Agyekum has called on management of Kotoka International Airport (KIA) to stop the embarrassment been meted out to escorts of passengers at the airport.

Explaining his ordeal, he told host DJ Nyaami on SVTV Africa that, even though, he is happy Ghana now has a standard airport, the new terminal 3, but he is very sad at the way things are done at the departure hall.

“I went to drop somebody off at the airport. We got to the hall only to be told passengers only and escorts are not allowed. I don’t think is good because, every international airport allows you to escort your friend or love one to the airport and it’s even bad for business. A woman was also prevented from entering with the excuse that, the airport is too busy. They must regulate it and stop embarrassing people at the terminal 3, because it’s a disgrace to Ghana”

Mr. Agyekum added that, for a moment, he was ashamed of being a Ghanaian. 

He urged authorities to look into the issue and stop it instantly because, it is tarnishing the image of Ghana and also bad for businesses at the food court at the airport.

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