Prophet Kumchacha Goes Hard On MPs Over $200m New Chamber Saga

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The founder and leader of the Heaven’s Gate Ministry, Prophet Nicholas Osei popularly known as Prophet Kumchacha has descended heavily on parliamentarians over their decision to get the construction of a new 450-seater chamber.

Kumchacha has challenged the lawmakers to fix the deplorable roads in the country before they could get the support of the citizenry for the construction of a new 450-seater chamber.

In an interview on SVTV Africa, Kumchacha lambaste the MPs and suggested that, the lawmakers should run on shift just like the double-track system currently being run in Ghana.

“About three days ago, we woke up to news that, Parliamentarians want a new parliament house. Sometimes when I watch TV, I become sad….of all the 275 MPs sometimes you will only see 50 or 60 MPs in the chamber, the rest are absent. If you, the MPs are complaining of small chamber, then you should run shift just like the double-track system. You can also do the double track system, some will come in the morning and some in the afternoon. Me prophet Kumchacha, I push you all to go inside”

He, therefore, issued a stern warning to the lawmakers about the move to get the construction of a new 450-seater chamber.

The issue of MPs getting a new 450-seater chamber has come under serious criticism by the public. You can also join the action using the hangtag #dropthatchamber.

who directly or indirectly assisted CEO of Menzgold NAM 1 to fraudulently extort monies from Ghanaians. 

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