My Beef With Medikal Has Brought Me Great Interest Than I Thought - Strongman Confesses

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Rapper Strongman has open up on his beef with Medikal last week. The Kumasi based rapper admitted that, the beef has brought him great interest than he thought.

Strongman and Medikal engaged in one of the hottest lyrical feuds the music industry has seen last week.

The artistes had brutally attacked each other in a battle of words which also, unfortunately, left the reputations of their significant others to public ridicule.

In an interview on SVTV Africa after his performance at Kikibees karaoke with the stars, Strongman told host DJ Nyaami that, even though they both benefited from the beef, the beef has brought him some great returns more than Medikal.

“I don’t regret doing the diss song. Even though we both benefited from the beef, I have benefited more than him because currently to be honest, he is a bit ahead of me for now, I just need to accept the fact. I will benefit from the beef more than him because right now, he is hotter than I am, that doesn’t mean I’m not hot but he is hotter. So it will benefit me more than him”

The ‘Baby’ hitmaker added that, he is looking forward to do a collaboration with Medikal any time soon.

“Oh yeah it’s possible, I just don’t like the way he feels bossy, it pisses me off. But I’ve realized he has followed me on twitter and I followed him back so that’s the process because the two of us aren’t friends because of his behavior but due to the beef, a collaboration can happen and we can do a song together. We’ve iron out our differences and so if the need be, I will gladly feature him on a song”

Strongman however noted that, he is not ready to be signed unto any record label. 

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