87 Year-Old Man Falls Into Tears After Been Denied Ghana Card Registration

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The national mass registration for the Ghana card started in April 2019 with the Greater Accra Region.

According the NIA, the exercise will see 85% of Ghanaians from 15 years to infinity to be registered and issued with the Ghana Card.

Well the situation isn’t the same in Tema, as Kofi Anim, an 87-year-old man who fell into tears after been denied the chance to register for the Ghana Card.

According to the old man, after presenting the required documents, the NIA officer asked him to go and bring two guarantors before he can register.

Explaining his ordeal at the registration center, the senior citizen told host DJ Nyaami on SVTV Africa that, he was asked to bring his passport, voters ID, or NHIS, which he did. He said he presented every document he has to the registration officers only to be told he cannot register unless he gets two guarantors to guarantee for him.

“I’m purposely registering for the card because I was told the Ghana Card will replace other cards in the system, and will accepted by all institutions as valid ID cards including hospitals. So I’m registering it because of the hospitals….So I presented every document I have but still they say I’m not qualified to register and that I’m not a Ghanaian. I told them I’m a Ghanaian and they say, I should go and bring two guarantors that will guarantee for me before I can register and I don’t know where I’m going to get a guarantor, so that’s why I shed tears’’


Asked whether he has children or guardian to help him out he said “Yes, I have 11 children but only 9 are alive now and they all live here in Tema but none of them is taking care of me, some are young and are now coming up. I’ve not wrong them in anyway but they just don’t take care of me, maybe it’s because I left their mother. But I have no problem, it’s just because of the hospital that’s why I’m registering for the card’’

Mr. Anim added that, if he gets a guarantor in the shortest time, he will register for the Ghana card happily.


The Ghana Card registration would be extended to other regions after its close in Greater Accra on Saturday, July 6.

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