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Meet Mama Gee; The Woman Who Sells Aphrodisiac To Attract Men For Money

Cobby Sackitey Written by 

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Aphrodisiac is a drug or other agent that stimulates sexual desires. One wouldn't consider this a job much less going into it full time. 

Well, the story isn't the same with Mama Gee as she is passionately called by her customers and friends. Mama Gee sells aphrodisiac and other drugs that she says attract men as soon a woman prays over it and applies it on her forehead. This, she said will let the man do anything the woman ask, be it money, house or car because of the drug she applied.
Asked if this isn't any charm or juju she said, "oh no, I'm a Christian, I believe in God and pray a lot. This is not juju or charm, I only want to build relationships and marriages, that's why I'm doing this and it's helping lots of people especially women" she added.

A visit to her shop shows that, most of her customers are women, who buys these drugs in bulk and also recommend it to other women which makes the place busy all the time.

Mama Gee does not only operate in Accra, she supply's her products to Kumasi, Takoradi and other regions in Ghana.

She believes that, if a lady uses any of her products, on no grounds should her man leave her for another woman.

Gee, has employed a number of young women she is working with and making theirs lives meaningful.

One will say, of all jobs in Ghana, why would a woman be selling aphrodisiac?
Well, so long as she has find something to do with her hands, which is legal and making relationships and marriages better, we can only wish her well.

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