I Am Scared Of Marriage - Nina Ricchie Reveals

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Singer, Nina Ricchie joined the music bandwagon around a year ago and although she has what every man will be looking for in a woman, the singer has disclosed that, one of the things that scares her in life is marriage.

Nina Ricchie has joined the likes of Paedae of R2bees, who recently said he doesn’t believe in the concept of marriage.

Speaking to host, Akosua Gemini on SVTV Africa, the well-endowed singer said she is naturally a tough person but one thing that scares her in life is marriage and she has no plans of getting married.

‘‘Charley I am good, I don’t wanna get married, I’m scared of marriage to be honest. It really scares me. I like to be free and my partner also wants to be free, because if I wanna have fun with somebody else he is not going agree to that, so no I’m not getting married.

Asked why marriage scares her and what if her man wants to marry her in the next ten years, she replied ‘‘I really like to be free and I don’t wanna feel like marriage is a prison, so I’m not ready for that and my man is an older guy so I don’t think he will do it’’

Nina Ricchie who is a mother of one, added that, she would like to have four children but time won’t allow her to do that.

‘‘honestly speaking I wanted four but I don’t think I have time for that, so I will just do one or two more’’

Nina Ricchie is out with a new song called Tsoobi and is currently doing the rounds for the promotion.

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