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Ghanaian musician Patapaa may have unconsciously described fellow musicians as funeral musicians.

Speaking in an interview on SVTV Africa “one corner” hit maker explained that he is not hurt because he was not billed to perform at the tribute concert held in memory of late dancehall artiste Ebony reigns.

Patapaa stated that he won’t be present at the tribute concert because he was not asked to perform and it would be inappropriate to be where he is not needed.

“I am not young boy to go to a place uninvited so I won’t be at Ebony’s tribute concert.”

However Patapaa stated that he would be present at the final funeral rites for the late Ebony Reigns.

Ebony died in a fatal accident on the Kumas-Sunyani with her friend Franky Kuri and body guard Lance Corporal Atsu Vondee

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