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Ghanaian actress Christabel Ekeh has refuted claims that she went to Benin for black magic to help her acting carrier soar.

The actress in an interview with an online media portal SVTVAfrica indicated that she believes in the Almighty God and God is the only being she sees as supreme. She indicated that her journey to Benin came in at a point in her life when she felt she needed a break to explore.

“Benin came in when I felt I needed to explore certain areas in life and I needed a break in my carrier.” Christabel told broadcaster Evans Amewugah.

She added that her journey to Benin has drawn her closer to God; making her draw her conclusion that God sent her to Benin in order to help her get closer to him.

Though Christabel didn’t promise she wouldn’t post her nude pictures on social media she stated that what God says must be done should be done.

Christabel Ekeh last year became topical after she released her nude pictures on instagram.

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