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Popular Ghanaian actress Efia Odo says some Christians are hypocrites with negative mindsets.

Born Andrea Owusu and known in the showbiz world as Efia Odo argued that most Christians judge fellow humans according to their outward appearance.

“The thing with Christians is that they like to look at people and say that oh this girl is bad, what shows that she’s about God just because of the way the person looks” –Efia Odo stated in an interview with SVTV Africa’s host on the SVTVchat show.

She added that humans just don’t understand the fact that God looks at the heart and not our outward appearance. This she explained is one reason why she is going places.

“Christianity and religion feel they know God but they don’t know God one bit”-Efia Odo continued to say.

Additionally, Efia added that the fact that she has tattoos doesn’t make her a bad person.

She continued to say that Ghanaians are too quick to judge forgetting that their “back case is filled with trash” and are so ready to pounce on wrong- doers.




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