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Wee Teacher In Police Detention over sale of weed in commercial quantities

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Social Media sensation, Wee Teacher has been arrested by the police for selling weed in public.

In an interview with host DJ Nyaami on SVTV Africa, his manager Focus confirmed the arrest by the Koforidua police.

He narrated that, Wee Teacher insisted on getting down from the car on their way to Accra after a show in Koforidua.

He said, he later found out his artiste was going to sell canabis in large quantities and all efforts trying to stop him proved futile and resulted in he being arrested by the police.

"We were all preparing to return back to Accra after a show in Koforidua. All of a sudden, Teacher said he needed to do something urgently in town before he lives so I should take the lead to Accra and he'll join me later, I didn't like the idea but I can't stop him because he's not a child however I told him to be careful.

Just before I got to Accra, I had a call that Wee Teacher has been arrested and detain for selling wee in commercial quantities. I didn't know what to say or do because I had advised him to quit doing that or do it in private since wee is illegal in the country." He said.

Focus noted that, attempts to get some influential people to get him released proved futile.

He added, Wee Teacher was later arranged before court and was granted bail on the condition that, he will bring five people - three relatives and two natives from Koforidua and also a huge sum of money before he will be granted bail.
Focus pointed out that, Wee Teacher unfortunately couldn't meet the demands of the court and was then sent to remand.

"When I got to the Koforidua police station, the CID told me that, Teacher has been arraigned for court and granted bail on the condition that, he will bring 5 people - his mother, father and sister and 2 natives from Koforidua and a huge sum of money before he can be granted bail. The condition was so huge that we couldn't meet the court's demand and the CID said, Teacher has been sent to the prison yard. So for now, he is on remand." Focus said.

He furthered that, they are doing everything they can to get him out of prison.

Focus is calling on all fans and loved ones of Wee Teacher to come to his aid to get him out of prison.

Covid-19: La Bianca Sets up compulsory safety measures for all customers

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Industries in Ghana have reinforced safety measures towards the prevention of the novel coronavirus.

This is in conformity with World Health Organisation (WHO) directives as well as Ghana's domestic strategy to curtail the pandemic.

Cold Store giant La Bianca company limited is no exception. The company has setup a compulsory precautionary measures for all customers towards the prevention of Coronavirus.

A visit to the cold store company by SVTV Africa on Wednesday saw a dramatic adjustments of frontline operations as the company have introduced measures to protect staff and patrons.

Some of the safety measures include provision of alcoholic sanitizers at the frontage for people to use before entering, provision of gloves and masks for staff and public education posters placed at vantage points.

Finance and Administrative Manager, Mr. Dennis Owusu Oteng, who took the team around, assured the public that, the safety and comfort of the customers is a priority, “we will ensure that in spite of COVID-19, our environment is safe for all to use our service."

"We have also rolled-out measures in conformity with Presidential Directives to prevent the spread of the virus, as most frontline and other staffs have been trained and equipped to understand what COVID-19 is all about”.

He pointed out that, Amidst the crisis and economic recession, COVID-19 is not having a major impact on their business as customers continue to patronize their items and services.



Tema Mayor to construct ultramodern social theater in Tema

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Tema Metropolitan Chief Executive, Hon. Felix Mensah Nii Anang-La has opened up on the much talked about ultramodern Theatre in Tema.

The Tema Mayor says the theatre will form part of his commitment to boost the potential of the creative arts industry in Tema.

He made this known in an interview with host DJ Nyaami on SVTV Africa. Hon. Anang-La noted that the Assembly is working assiduously in putting up an ultramodern theatre for the people of Tema.

"We are committed to developing Tema. Tema has lots of talents including footballers, musicians and actors. So in helping the youth, we plan to construct an ultramodern social theatre at Mante Din park at Site 15 . I know the community is going to like the theatre when it's done."

Hon. Anang-La added that, even though some locals have raised objections against the construction of the theatre, he said, majority of the youth are in support of the project.

"Since we came out to build a theatre in Tema, some youths are not in support of it which I believe it's politically motivated but majority of the people have agreed so we'll go ahead and do the good work for the people of Tema and make sure we provide them with a social theatre and I know it will benefit everybody. He said.

Touching on his relationship with Tema East MP, Hon. Titus Nii Glover, who in turn is also not in support of the theatre project, the Mayor said, they've been brothers for over two decades, regardless of their disagreements, they will still be brothers.

Hon. Anang-La Pointed out that, the contract has been awarded to Canal Olympia, also known as Bollore Africa logistics. A French company which operates in Ghana.

Meet the Ghanaian woman who has been driving taxi in the UK since 1987

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A Ghanaian woman who has been living in the UK for some years now has shared her experience living abroad.

Patricia Poku Amankwah affectionately called ‘Abrokyire Hemaa’ is a Ghanaian female taxi driver who finds her spot in a male-dominated industry.

In an interview with DJ Nyaami on SVTV Africa, Patricia, 53, born and bred in London-UK was a hairstylist but later decided it was about time a female took the wheel.

Patricia has been driving all over London and Amsterdam to Germany for over a decade now. According to her, even though she got her driving license in 1987 she didn’t start the taxi job until early 2000.

She said, her passion for driving is what motivated her to drive taxi. Patricia pointed out that, she wanted to be a black cap driver after hairdressing and also be a self-employed woman.

Over the years she has been driving, Patricia says she attracts a lot of stares.

“I sort of understand, I am a woman in a very male dominated profession and probably they see it as a no go zone area. I know it’s not common. Sometimes I get people who look at my dressing and ask, are you sure you are the taxi driver and I say, yes I am. Anyways we got drivers with different level.” She said smiling.

But, stares and nay sayers didn’t hold her back, and now she has many clients, including celebrity and prominent people in society.

Speaking on requirements to be a taxi driver in London, Patricia said, one has to be fluent in English and be able to communicate well with people.

“To be a taxi driver in London, you have to be educated, you have to be fluent in English, if you can’t communicate with people, then you cannot be a taxi driver.” She said.

Patricia added that, she is very proud of her job and will never feel shy in doing it.

“Every work is work, as long as you’re making money out of it then its work.

Driving is my passion; I pick people all over at the airport including my friends, so there is nothing embarrassing in being a taxi driver and am even proud of it and I’m really enjoying it. So I am not shy of doing it. I’m proud of it and I still do it up till date.” Abrokyire Hemaa added.

Speaking about how it is to run both the taxi business and settle family,
the mother of three said, all her children are in the UK. She indicated that she had to travel back and forth every time.

I get inspired to write good songs during sex – Queen Haizel

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Budding Afrobeat singer Queen Haizel has revealed how sex forms an essential component in
her music career. She made the disclosure during an interview with DJ Nyaami on SVTV Africa on what inspire
her works.

According to the ‘Lover boy’ singer, she’s mostly able to compose good songs during intense
sexual bout with her partner.
“I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, my own is sex. One major inspiration is sex. Most of my songs
were inspired by sex. Like if I have good sex, it makes me think well.” She said.
Queen Haizel stated that she has other things alongside sex that influences her work.
Sleep, and good company were two other things she mentioned that inspires her when she’s

Haizel also revealed how a Pastor friend once cum immediately after seeing her nakedness. She
explained, “There was this Pastor guy who wanted to date but didn’t say it from the outset. When
he visit me for lessons, he would ask me to follow him to his place to continue the lesson. One
time, I went to him and he was forcing me to sleep with him. Because he said, he haven’t had sex
for years.”
“I agree to what he said and lied down for him to do what he want to do, he took off my skirt and
pants, after seeing my nakedness, he cum immediately. That’s bad, I won’t waste my time on a
guy like that.” She said.

Queen Haizel is currently promoting her new single ‘Yetwem’ which literally means “we cancel
it”. She featured a young talented rapper from Cape Coast Wagez Rap. Haizel goes hard on this
masterpiece and advised everyone to put an end to all evil acts.

My Song Isn't aimed at mocking Kan Dapaah - Musician

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UK-based Ghanaian musician, Lady Sledge has stated that her ‘Fab3 Woso’ song is not a diss song directed at National Security Minister Kan Dapaah.

Few weeks ago, Ghanaians woke up to the trending news of the Minister of National Security, Hon. Albert Kan Dapaah modeling for a lady other than his wife in a video.

The video has received massive condemnation from Ghanaians on social media and traditional media as well.

Since Lady Sledge released her ‘Fab3 Woso’ song, several people have argued that the song was directed towards Kan Dapaah.

However, in an interview with DJ Nyaami on SVTV Africa, Lady Sledge said, the song was already out even before the Ministers’ issue came out. She added, the mentioning of Minister in the song is nothing but a mere coincidence.

“Somebody threatened me for mentioning Minister in the song. But even in Church, we got Minister in Church; that doesn’t mean the song has something to do with the Minister. No, coincidentally the Minister issue came, but Fab3 Woso is already done. The intention behind the song wasn’t for the Minister.” She said.

Lady Sledge added that, “Even the video is coming up, you’ll not see anything like pyjamas and all that, it depicts differently while the Minister’s situation is there. So that’s where I’m having a bit challenging but at the end of the day, because it wasn’t purposely for the Minister, I don’t care.”

Lady Sledge is currently working on the video for her single ‘Fab3 Woso’.

We are capable of writing our songs – Krymi and Mr. Drews Fight Kurl Songx

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Highly Spiritual’s very own, Krymi and Mr. Krymi has rebutted Kurl Songx’ claim over the Dw3 hit single being his.

According to the ‘Jennifer Lomotey’ hitmaker, the song titled ‘Dwɛ’ by Krymi and Mr Drew featuring Sarkodie belongs to him but the boss of Highly Spiritual Music, Kaywa, gave the song to his former label mates.

However, Krymi and Mr. Drew in an interview with DJ Nyaami on SVTV Africa stated that, they wrote word for word, every lyric in the song.

“First of all, I wrote the song myself, Krymi also wrote his part, the song belong to both Krymi and I; and we all wrote our part. But the beat was produced by Kaywa and every beat has its melody, so we use that melody to write the song. So I was surprise when Kurl Songx said the song belongs to him.” Mr. Drew said.

Krymi also added that, “I can tell you for a fact that, lyrics wise, I feel my lyrics. I don’t need to steal anything from Kurl Songs, I don’t need anything from anybody. What I do is, I learn and take advice from the seniors in the game even the young ones but I don’t steal songs from anyone. So it hurt when after I have taken my time to do something, somebody will come out and say it belongs to him, it makes me feel very bad.” Krymi added.

He further supported his claim with videos of the studio sessions that led to the birth of the hit single.

Mr. Drew pointed out that, in any case, boss of Highly Spiritual Music owns the beat and can give it to any artiste of his choice.


Krymi however concluded that, amidst the brouhaha, he is ever ready to collaborate with his former label mate Kurl Songx if management agrees to it.

2020 is the year of the customer - Surfline Communications

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As part of celebrating loyalty, Ghana’s leading 4GLTE internet service, Surfline communications announced today their plans for 2020 as a customer focused year.

The Commercial Director of Surfline communications, Mr. David Afugani who made this known in an interview with SVTV Africa said they introduced the promotion package to thank customers for their support for the past 5 years.

According to Mr. Afugani, “For a true Ghanaian company to survive among big competitors for five years, we decided to take an introspection and throughout we analyze all our stakeholders and realize that, let’s meet our customers and reward them for being loyal to us. So we developed this loyalty scheme as a top up to the already existing bonuses and rewards that were given to our customers. So we’re just looking for ways and means to make the customer very exciting so that they will a have a reason to stay with the network.” He said.

In 2020 Surfline intends to launch its loyalty campaign with the theme ' Year of the Customer', this is to give a boost in attracting the desired action for the loyalty campaign that started in 2019.

Mr. Afugani noted that, Year of the customer is a yearlong event that will reward customers with gift vouchers from Major Surfline partners, data offers and merchandise.

He added that, as part of the company’s five year development plan, Surfline is seeking to cover the whole of Ghana. He said the company will soon open new avenues in Kumasi and other parts of the Ashanti region and by the end of the fifth year, they would have covered all the sixteen regions in Ghana.

The Surfline rewards program is forged with strategic partners in the hospitality, recreation, food and health industries to give customers who actively use Surfline free to heavily discounted vouchers for use in Ghana.

Founded in 2011, Surfline communications, Ghana’s leading 4GLTE provider, leads in 4GLTE services for homes and businesses.

The company offers a wide range of products and services designed to make people and businesses efficient and productive.

Bosom Pyung stops cover artiste Ataa Adwoa from performing at Kikibees

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Bosom P yung is the new internet and music sensation and you might be living under the rock not to know this young man or heard his viral Ataa Adwoa song.

Management of the sensational music act, whose Ataa Adwoa song went viral a few weeks ago, has stopped his ‘ex-lover’ Ataa Adwoa, the Ghanaian Singer by name Kween Naba who remixed his song from performing at a show at Kikibees Restaurant.

According to Kween Naba, she was prevented from performing together with Bosom because his management said; she will take away the shine from their artiste.

The songstress made this known in an interview with DJ Nyaami on SVTV Africa when she failed to perform after been booked for the show.

“Kikibees called me to come and be a surprise package to Bosom. When Bosom arrived, Kikibees management told me, I should have consulted his management before doing the cover song. Because of that, I cannot perform and I asked why, they said, his management says I have taken all the attention from Bosom. If I perform before him, I will take away the shine, if I perform with him, I will take away the shine, if I perform after him, I will take away the shine, so I cannot perform.” She said.

Meanwhile, Kween Naba noted that, she was even prevented from saying hi to his ‘sweetheart’ Bosom PYung by his management.

“I told my management to tell them if I could say hi to Bosom. But his management said no, we don’t want her near him, we don’t want any pictures taken of him and her because it will still take away the hype. But I just wanted to see Bosom but I just saw him through the window.” She lamented.

The Songstress pointed out that, even though she is disappointed in the management of Bosom PYung, she is still looking forward in working with the Ataa Adwoa hitmaker.

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