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Return Your Award If You Think It Is Not Credible - Prince Mackay to Kwame Nkrumah Tikese of Okay Fm

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CEO of RTP Awards, Prince Mackay has dared outspoken morning show host, Kwame Nkrumah Tikese, to return his award if he thinks the scheme is not credible

This comes after the outspoken show host opined that the Radio and Television Personality Award (RTP) is not credible, hence calling on all media organizations to pull out.

But in interview with host Ayisha Bayipa on SVTV Africa, Prince challenged Kwame Nkrumah Tikese to return the award if he thinks the scheme is not credible, he explained that, when he won the award he did not complain but when he did not win he is there discrediting the scheme.

‘’We had over 275 people participating in the scheme, he won an award in 2014, so I don’t know why but if he thinks RTP is not credible, he should return the award, if nominees do not win any award they go about tarnishing the scheme, discrediting it.’’

Asked if he will accept the award when Kwame Nkrumah Tikese returns it, he replied ‘’Oh yeah we accept it and charge him for keeping the award all these years, we will charge him for interest.’’ He noted.

We brought it from the USA, so will calculate the interest for all the years he has used it for business and charge him and if he is not able to pay, we will take him on. He added.

The RTP Awards over the years has received lots criticism over industry players and some media personalities.

But after ensuring it gain roots in Ghana, Prince Mackay is taking RTP awards to Kenya and the UK.


Abeiku Santana is a hypocrite, a wolf in a sheep skin - Arrested blogger (Candance)

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Chief Editor of, Ohemaa Candace, has describe ace journalist, Abeiku Santana as hypocrite and a ship in a wolf skin.

Candace who was recently arrested for publishing a fake story about actor Kwadwo Nkansah said she was surprised at how Abeiku Santana behave towards her when the issue came up.

In an interview with host, Ayisha Bayipa on SVTV Africa, the blogger explained that, Abeiku Santana was very nice to her when she got to Peace FM, so she was very surprised when same Abeiku Santana was pushing hard, instigating for her arrest.

"When he saw me at Peace FM, he was very nice to me and he asked me what I came to do here, then right in front of me he begun shouting pushing and instigating for my arrest, he convinced Fadda Dickson, Lil win for my arrest, I was surprised, who are you". She added.

Asked how she felt at that moment, she replied "I don't want to use any harsh word but he is hypocrite, the devil himself."

Candace furthered that, she has forgiven everyone except Abeiku Santana.

Ohemaa Candace is the Chief Editor of, an entertainment and lifestyle blog.


RTP Awards most credible award scheme in Ghana - Prince Mackay

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Despite the intense criticism the Radio and Television Personality awards has received since its inception eight years ago, the brain behind the scheme, Prince Mackay has said that, there is no awards scheme in Ghana, which is more credible than the RTP awards.

In an interview with host Ayisha Bayipa on SVTV Africa, Prince Mackay describe the scheme as more credible than any other award in Ghana as far as he knows.
"Let me say on record, RTP Awards is the most credible awards scheme in Ghana as far I know because even nominees are in suspense and don't know what to expect".

He added that, unlike other awards scheme in Ghana where nominees pay money to win awards, RTP awards is very key on credibility and has never been involved in such things.

"unlike other awards schemes in Ghana, RTP awards do not accept bribe from media personalities for award".

Asked if he has personally received bribe to award a nominee, he replied "I have never received a pesewa from any presenter or a nominee for an award, whoever says I have received money from him should come out and say it, I have never " he noted.

After ensuring it gain roots in Ghana, Prince Mackay is taking RTP awards to Kenya and the UK.


If you were smart you wouldn't have broken up with your brother - Donzy to Rudebwoy

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DC Empire frontliner, Donzy Chaka has describe the other half of defunct music Duo Psquare, Rudebwoy as not smart.

This comes after the Nigerian act rained heavy criticism on Ghanaian artiste and describe them as not smart.

But in an interview with host Akosua Gemini on SVTV Africa, the rapper said Rudebwoy(Psquare) has no right to criticize Ghanaian artiste and describe him as not smart.

"Psquare(Rudebwoy) criticizing Ghanaian acts, first of all he himself is not smart and his brother too is not smart, you people are twins and doing good music then of all a sudden you start fighting yourself, he is not smart himself" he added.

Donzy furthered that, if an international artiste will criticize Ghanaian artists, not a defunct music duo, Psquare.

"I mean how can you twin brothers go on your separate ways after years of doing great music, So if an international artiste will criticize Ghanaian artistes, it is not Psquare who can't even resolve their own problems"

He noted that, he thinks something is wrong with (Square) Rudebwoy for him to make such comments and that, Ghanaians should not take him seriously.

Donzy is out with his latest banger YOU AND THE DEVIL which features award winning Fante rapper Kofi Kinaata. You don't need to be told what to expect when these two are on same jam.

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