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I Don't Need A Bodyguard; God Is My Protector - Fameye

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Fast-rising Ghanaian musician Fameye, popularly known for his hit single 'Nothing I get' has revealed that he does need any sort of protection from any man.

Fameye told host DJ Nyaami in interview on SVTV Africa that, he does not need a bodyguard or any protection from man. According to him, God is his protector, so if God does not protect him, no man can protect him.

"I don't have a bodyguard and I don't need a bodyguard, I walk with God and He is my protector. I can have a bodyguard and still get attacked, so God is my protector not man"

Asked if he goes to church frequently, he said "I don't go to church but I pray a lot, like I don't remember the last time I went to church but I pray a lot even more than some people who go to church"

Fameye has been in the news lately after he was accused of slapping his manager. He is currently promoting his new single entitled "Mati" produced by LiquidBeatz.


Fameye Speaks For The First Time After Allegedly Slapping His Manager

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Fast-rising Ghanaian musician Fameye, popularly known for his hit song Nothing I get, has reacted to reports that he slapped OGB Music boss, Ogidi Brown in a viral video.

News broke out on Monday that Fameye has left his label after slapping his manager during a heated argument.

In an exclusive interview on SVTV Africa, Fameye explained his side of the story and apologized.

He told host DJ Nyaami that, he signed the Europe tour contract because management permitted him to do that. He explained that the argument started when his manager wants to collect the money from his Europe tour but he never slapped his manager or anybody as the video portrayed. 

"My Europe tour was great. I met the promoters to sign the contract because my manager is not here so he permitted me to do that on his behalf. 

"The issue is that, my manager came to the show to take the money from the Europe tour and it happened so because, the promoters don't know my management but me, so when he asks for the money, I told him since I arrived 2 weeks ago you've never checked on me to know whether I'm good or not but when it came to money, you're here. 

"So I told him, he should hold on because I've used some part of the money to buy dress among other things for myself but he said no and that's where the argument started. Not knowing they were videoing me, and I asked why are they doing that, so I smacked the phone and left. I never slapped my manager, as the video portrayed," Fameye said. 

Fameye added that none of his management team showed up for his tour in all the countries and felt been treated unfairly by the label but he can't fault them because they were busy. He noted that regardless of everything he is not leaving the record label. 

The 'Nothing I Get' hitmaker further apologized to his management for everything.

"Ghanaians I'm sorry if they say I've slapped my manager, OGB, I'm sorry please forgive me as your younger brother. Let's go back to our old ways"

Fameye is currently out with his new single entitled "Mati" produced by LiquidBeatz.


Legalize Marijuana For Exportation And Not For Local Consumption - Daddy Bosco To Gov’t

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The debate as to whether to legalize and decriminalize cannabis (marijuana) is still ongoing in Ghana. There have been calls on the government to legalize cannabis (marijuana), popularly known as ‘wee’, in the country by some advocates who believe legalizing the hard drug would help improve the current economic situation in Ghana. On the other side, some proponents like former UN Secretary-General, Mr. Kofi Annan, while alive in one of his submissions also asked the government not to only look at the negative side of the hard drug but also think about the benefits that the country can derive after decriminalizing it. 

In an interview on SVTV Africa, the Chairman of the Rastafari Council of Ghana, Ahuma Bosco Ocansey aka Daddy Bosco has asked government to take a second look at the legalization of marijuana in Ghana. He told host DJ Nyaami that, the council want government to legalize the drug for exportation purposes only and not for local consumption.

“This whole talk about cannabis economy is not a new thing. The likes of Gabby Otchere-Darko and the late Kofi Annan and other advocates are all calling for the legalization of marijuana. As at now, Uganda is supplying Germany with Cannabis, Jamaican is supplying Canada with cannabis. All the council is saying is, government should call for a forum and let’s exchange ideas on how legalization of cannabis would benefit Ghana”

He added that, “if you look at the economic value, to export it, you need farmers to grow to it after it’s licensed. This will create lots of jobs and income for many and they will be able to pay taxes and then the industrial use is, you can use the cannabis wood fiber to make some of the strongest and most durable woods to build. In Germany, the cannabis fiber is treated to use to produce a car. So all we’re saying is, If Ghana does the right research and the right study, you’ll know that, you can use cannabis locally and also export it internationally. You can also use it for medicinal purposes and for industrial purposes and reap the economic benefits”

Daddy Bosco noted that, the notion about marijuana being a health hazard is not true and has no scientific basis but rather has immense medicinal benefits.

A 2015 United Nations Report stated that Ghana was number three in the global ranking of consumers of marijuana, remaining number one in Africa.

Some African countries are beginning to tap into the profitable industry following the global rise in the use of cannabis- roughly 16 per cent in the decade ending 2016, according to the recent United Nations Office on Drug and Crime (UNODC) drug report.

Following the extent of legalization observed in Europe and the Americas, in May 2018, Zimbabwe legalized growing marijuana for medicinal and research purposes, becoming the second country after Lesotho to do so. Lesotho had, in 2017, become the continent’s first country to offer legal licenses to grow marijuana.

 Marijuana users across South Africa were also full of smiles in September 2018, after a constitutional court ruled that private use of marijuana, locally referred to as dagga, is not a criminal offence.

 Obviously, Ghanaians are planting and using marijuana without permit, though, it is criminal. In this regard, if the intention of government is to commercialize and personalize the use of the substance, the focus should be to decriminalize and regulate it. Like in some other countries, when this is done, the economic benefit of taxing the commercial and recreational use of marijuana would be enormous and the threat to the mental health of those who use it would be obsolete. 


I Have Lost Interest In Ghana Awards - EL

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Ghanaian rapper and afrobeat musician EL has also added himself to the list of Ghanaian artistes who have downplayed the importance of awards in our music industry.

According to the “Kaalu” hitmaker, even though awards are there to encourage musicians but personally for him, he has lost interest in awards.

“You’ve notice that, the whole of last year, I’ve not partake in any awards. Because I’m not interested in any awards. I’ve lots of awards and I’m still receiving awards, so I’m not interest again. Now I want to make music for the fans, and allow the fans to award me and not an organization”

EL added that, since he received the prestigious VGMA Artist of the Year, nothing has really changed in his life just a plaque and the fact that, he won an award.

He furthered that, “I feel the world knows my efforts, you know…. so for now awards are on my heart maybe next year”

EL is out with his third single of the year entitled ‘EHUA’ which features rapper Joey B and Nigerian superstar Falz.

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