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Shaku Shaku makes me look childish - S3FA


Sefa is amongst the Black avenue signees, talking about genre, she does Soul, RnB, Afro pop and she is well known when it comes to song mash-ups.

The songstress has however, in her latest interview, disclosed that, dancing shaku shaku, makes her look childish.

 She said this, in an interview with Ayisha Bayiba, on the SVTV Africa Facebook live Chat show; when asked why she was not dancing shaku shaku, in her new video, ‘’odo yewu’’.

 ‘’It makes me look childish, I actually did but I looked childish. It doesn’t make sense to me, it wasn’t nice hence I took it off.’’ She said.

 ‘’odo Yewu’’ can be streamed and downloaded from all musical platforms.

I don't mind dating a poor guy - S3FA


One characteristic a woman would want in a man is how strong his finances are. Most women would not want to date a man who isn't financially stable.

Well, Black Avenue Musiq signee S3fa doesn't believe in that rule.

The budding singer in an interview with Ayisha Bayipa on SVTV CHAT on SVTV AFRICA revealed that she doesn't mind dating a "broke" man because what is important in a relationship is love and care.

"If i love someone and he's not rich i don't mind hustling with him."

S3fa however noted that although she would date a poor person, he would have to support her with the little he has.

"If we sit in a "trotro"(public transport) together you would have to pay the fare and if i have a car you would have to buy fuel occasionally." S3fa stated

Although she explained that she would date broke men she explained that such a man must at least have something to support her with.

Epixode releases a tribute song in memory of the late Kofi Annan


Ghanaian Dancehall act ,Epixode has presented his tribute to African hero Kofi Annan through music ,accompanied by a video, as a way of showing his last respect.

The song, produced by Joe Deevans eulogises the late UN Secretary and his life well lived.

Busummuru Kofi Atta Annan,born in 1938, was an epitome of unification of the African continent,equality and humanitarianism.

He died on August 18 in Switzerland after battling a, short illness.

Kofi Atta Annan was a Ghanaian diplomat who served as the seventh Secretary-General of the United Nations, from January 1997 to December 2000.

He left behind a wife and three children.

Girls will always choose 6 cars over 6 packs - D CRYME

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Tema-based Ghanaian rapper and early proponent of the ‘Twipop’ Darlington Kwasi Agyekum, popularly known in showbiz as D.Cryme,says he would always choose a guy with six cars over one with six packs if he were a lady.

According to D.Cryme, cars are a necessity and help greatly in one's daily activities whereas six packs is just a thing to drool over and has no importance.

"Most women would choose a man with cars over a man with six packs because cars are a necessity whereas six packs is only seen when one is shirtless." the "Kill me Shy" hitmaker explained in an interview with SVTV AFRICA

D. Cryme added that most girls have to go through the pain of paying for an uber to take them around and would not think twice to choose a man with cars if one should come their way.

D.Cryme who has been absent in the Music Industry is back with a new music video titled "Bae".

Sonnie Badu is my spiritual father – Kidi

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Kidi, in an interview with SVTV Africa has stated that Sonnie Badu is his spiritual father.

The ‘Adiepena’ hit maker speaking to Ayisha Bayipa on the SVTV Africa chat show, said this on the account that, he talks with the gospel singer sometimes, revealing that, they share the same whatsapp group where they even pray together.

‘’I have been talking to him. He is like my spiritual father, he created a whatsapp group with me and my brother, we talk sometimes and he prays with us which l appreciate a lot.’’

Adding that, he will never reject the offer if Sonnie Badu wants to do a gospel song with him, saying he can equally sing gospel when he is touched by the spirit.

‘’How dare me say no if Sonnie Badu wants to do a song with me, I don’t mind if it is gospel".

"I equally can sing about things if I am touched by the spirit. Hence, I would be very honoured if today he says we should do a song’’.

When asked whether he has any other gospel artiste he would like to collaborate with, he mentioned Joe Metel.

‘’Joe Metel is another person l listen to a lot, another spiritual brother whose songs touches my heart in the deepest places’’

KK Fosu reveals why he performed at Obinim’s church

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KK Fosu has revealed why he sang at Obinim’s church saying, the congregation were happy to see him perform.

The highlife artiste said this on SVTV Chat show.

The singer, who is known as a circular artiste, was seen singing circular songs at Obinim’s church and this got many Ghanaians, especially the Christians talking.

Speaking on this issue, he said,

‘’I went to have a conversation with Pastor Obinim but the time I met him was when he was going to preach at the church, hence I opted to follow him to the auditorium."

"Immediately we entered, he told me to go and sit with the musicians and I did as instructed’’. ‘’Why did he tell me to sit with the musicians rather than sit in the main congregation. That means, perhaps, God wanted me to sing for him. In the course of his preaching, he called me to come and sing, I started with Gospel and later switched to my own songs’’.

‘’However, bloggers with keen interest in what will make news, they neglected the gospel aspect, but I don’t have any problem with what I sang."

‘’It was about love and he made the congregation understood that it was not a sin to sing about love’’.

‘’Anyways, I apologize to all Christians, what I did was not in any way to denigrate God. Let us just leave everything to God. He does what he want, standing before the church alone was by his grace".

KK also emphasized on the fact that, the church members were happy to hear him sing his highlife songs, hence Ghanaians must stop being judgmental.

‘’When I was singing, I saw so many things in the church, and I know they were very happy to see me. I know it is their hope and prayer that I become one of them. The fact that we sing high life does not make us sinners, I go to church also’’.

Nana Yaa Brefo is a disgrace to journalism - KK Fosu

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Kk Fosu, speaking on SVTV Africa, has expressed his displeasure on his recent interview with Nana Yaa Brefo, saying she is not professional.

The ‘’Sudwe’’ hitmaker said this, speaking on the SVTV Africa chat show, a program that gives a free platform for artiste(s) to promote their craft. 

He added that multimedia must pay key attention to that program on how it is being hosted. 

"I think Nana Yaa Brefo is not professional and has disgraced the media industry.

Even if, the nature of the show, is to always put people on the spot, it is still necessary that you allow the interviewee to answer his questions before you come in again". 

"Her boss must check that program, however, it is never my wish that they sack her".

The highlife artiste who has now been signed unto World Map Recorded Label has released a new song titled, ‘’who say man no dey, one that features Ayisem.

'You and Me' song was inspired by a girl - Joey B

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Ghanaian rapper, Joey B has said his hit song 'U x Me' was inspired by a special lady in his life.

The Tonga hit maker revealed in an interview with Ayisha Bayipa on SVTV Africa.

"At that time, I was talking to a girl and that kinda inspired me to do it but I wasn't heart broken or anything, it was just inspirational" he noted.

He added that, even though he was interested in the lady and have been friends for a while, they are no longer together.

Asked whether he was single, Joey B replied saying he use to be single couple of months ago but he is no longer single.

"I was couple of months ago but not anymore"

He however insist on keeping his love life private and has learnt a great deal in disclosing his love life to the public.

"Naah it's not Jamila and I have learnt so much from bringing a girl out and I'm not doing that again, I think I prefer to keep my love life private you know than to bring it out, I have learnt from my past relationship so I will just apply some new stuffs to the new one"Tonga hitmaker noted.

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