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Ghana Music Awards USA is BET Standard Not VGMA - Chief Organizer

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Organizers of Ghana Music Awards USA, Don's Music Production, 2Geez Entertainment and Highlife Media has stated that, the standards of the awards scheme is that of BET Awards and not Vodafone Ghana Music Award.

According to the Chief Organizer of the scheme, Mr. Godfred Wiafe also known as Gee, they want the scheme to be the most respected awards scheme in the diaspora and Ghana entertainment industry.

Gee made this known in an interview with DJ Nyaami on SVTV Africa.

"This is our main, so it's either you go hard or you don't come at all. So we wanna take the proper steps to make sure we deliver. When you hear Ghana Music Awards USA - you expecting big; I mean when you watch VGMA here in Ghana and watch the BET Awards, watch MTV Awards, watch the Oscars - you know what I mean, is something totally different. So anytime something is in America, you expect the highest expectation." He said.

He noted that, together with his team, they will work hard to elevate the scheme’s clout in this year's and the subsequent ones.

The 2020 edition of the Ghana Music Awards USA is set to be launched on 18th January, 2020 in New Jersey, USA and 28th March, 2020 in Accra-Ghana respectively.
SVTV Africa will bring to you the official nominations list for this year's edition which has sampled several hardworking talents across the music scene in Ghana and in the USA.

The annual event which is organized to celebrate and honor Ghanaian Entertainers in and outside Ghana aims at extending the advancement of the Ghanaian music industry both home and abroad, into a universal market for worldwide acknowledgment of Ghanaian innovative work.

The event, which is being organised by Don's Music Production in partnership with 2 Geez Entertainment and Highlife Media, is expected to attract a large number of stakeholders, including international artistes from Africa, Europe and United States.

I will marry Coco Trey when I become financially independent

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Rapper Kofi Mole has revealed that, he can only marry his sweetheart Coco Trey when he becomes financially stable.

The 'Don't be late' hitmaker told host DJ Nyaami in an interview on SVTV Africa that, even though his musician girlfriend, Coco Trey seems to be interested in marriage, he thinks, they're too young to get married and even that, he has to be financially independent before he can marry.

"It's not a big deal, it's a vibe. But for now, we're too young to be thinking about marriage stuff. The thing is, I feel like I have to accomplish a lot before I start thinking about marriage and other things. I want to be fully independent, like I can provide everything - not just the basic needs but as a man, you see beautiful things, Range Rovers, Mansions; everybody must get some but not when you're still paying bills to someone, then you want to go and marry, No! I must first be independent and get everything on my own, yeah."

Meanwhile, Kofi noted that, they have an upcoming project together for their fans to enjoy.

Kofi Mole is currently embarking on his Aposor Love tour in Senior High Schools across the country.

He urge fans to expect more songs from him this year.

Sarkodie's Efforts I'm putting Ghana on the map is unprecedented - Musician

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Promising Hiplife artiste Nanky has added his voice to list of artists commending Ghana's rap king Sarkodie for his commitment in putting Ghana on the map.

The singer in a recent interview with SVTV Africa, extol Sarkodie for his efforts in putting Ghana on the map through his Music.

"When we talk about people putting Ghana on the map, It's Obidi, Sarkodie! Sarkodie and some other people, but honestly, it's Sarkodie particularly. But we're also here to do our part to help." He added.

The Singer further told host DJ Nyaami that, Even though Ghana Music is doing well internationally, the industry still has a long way to go.

Nanky is currently signed onto Sultan Incorporation.
The sensational singer has finally released his much-anticipated tune titled “Favour” featuring the CEO of Sarkcess Music, Sarkodie.

Sarkodie is the only topmost artiste in Ghana - Musician

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Ogidi Brown’s newly signed act, Cryme Officer has opined that, Multiple award-winning rapper Sarkodie is the only topmost artiste in Ghana.

The artiste who got signed not long ago by Ogidi Brown with Schnapp and eggs has revealed that, even though other artists are equally good, Sarkodie tops all of them.

He made this known in an interview with SVTV Africa. Cryme Officer told host DJ Nyaami that, Sarkodie is one of the Ghanaian artists who is known well internationally, making him one of the most successful artiste in Ghana.

"We all know, currently in Ghana; the topmost artiste in Ghana is the highest, Sarkodie. He is the only Ghanaian artiste known internationally."

He, however, was quick to add that, he'll become bigger than Sarkodie.

Meanwhile, Cryme pointed out that, he has no plans of featuring Sarkodie now but when it becomes necessary, he will feature the rap king, Sarkodie.
"As it stands now, I don't have any plans like that, but I know one day it will come, because it's very necessary we do something together." He added.

Cryme Officer unveils his first single since he joined OGB Music. He titled it “Faky3” featuring OGB Music leader, Ogidi Brown.

Female Songstress Says Damaging Her Body With Piercing Makes Her Happy

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Budding female songstress Rowi Ryda has revealed that piercing her body makes her happy and fulfilling.

The Singer has clothed herself in so many piercing which we are obviously not feeling.
But in an interview with SVTV Africa, She explained that, when she was young, she was once pissed off by her father resulting in her using earring rings to pierce her body. She added that, the experience was great and satisfactory.

“The reason why I love piercing is that, when I was a child, my dad once yelled at me. Out of anger, I went to the room and chanced on an earring ring around the bed. I used the earring ring in piercing my body and at that moment, I felt so good. since then, I’m like wow, I like this thing.”

 Rowi added that, at age 12, she already had 5 piercing on her body. She further pointed out that, as at now, she has a total of 25 piercing on her body.

Meanwhile, she noted that, regardless of the harsh criticism from society, she is very satisfactory and happy with the all piercings on her body. She added, she will add more as the years go by.

She noted that, she is looking forward in collaborating with her favorite artiste, Darkovibez.

 Rowi Ryda is a Ghanaian female songstress signed to Young Mission Entertainment. A label which also houses former hitmaker winner Freda Rhymz.
She is currently working on her next single dubbed ‘Slay Queens’.

Lance Corporal Agbeko Puts Smiles On Faces of Patients At Korle-Bu Hospital

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As Ghanaians celebrate Christmas, Lance Corporal Simon Agbeko, a kind-hearted Ghanaian Police officer who works with the Accra Regional Police Command has made it extra special for patients who spend Christmas in hospital. For what has become a benevolent ritual, Lance Corporal Simon Agbeko, has once again embarked on another project.

Simon Agbeko has become notable for giving back to the community and fixing damaged state facilities including street traffic lights.

The police officer donated items to accident victims at the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital. He donated a pair of crutches, wheelchairs to the patients to enable them to walk again. Lance Corporal Agbeko donated an undisclosed amount of money to the patients to pay their bills at the accident centre and children's ward.He supported by donating and footing the bills of some of the patients who have no hope of leaving the hospital anytime soon if they don't pay.He contributed his quota to the patients in donating from his pocket.


He described these charitable acts as a manifestation of divine directions from God, which he receives in his dreams. He said this in an interview with SVTV Africa after his previous donations. For Agbeko, the dream was to create the enabling space where the less privileged and physically challenged persons would have easy care and education especially those who parade principal streets and major highways in Accra while begging, because most of them have been neglected by their relatives. 

The junior police officer further pointed out that, it’s the duty of every citizen to do something for his or her country.

Simon Agbeko urged other kind-hearted persons to also donate to support the cause to help the less privilege and persons with disability.

To help and support Lance Corporal Simon Agbeko’s project, call him on 0245856501 / 0551317208.

Government must organize cultural exchange programs - Bessa Simons

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Legendary high life musician, Bessa Simons, has called on the government to organize a cultural exchange program with other African countries.

Bessa in an interview with SVTV Africa at the launch of the Lifetime and Distinguished Awards, told host DJ Nyaami that, it’s high time Ghanaian politicians promoted their culture when they travel outside the country.

“Those days Kwame Nkrumah used to travel with E.T. Mensah, Ramblers, Uhuru among others and through that, they spread our culture. So I think it's high the politicians would have to sell our culture. Whenever they’re travelling, they go with some of our artistes to portray our culture when it’s entertainment night and by doing this; we will boost our tourism industry and get more tourists in the country.”

The acting president of MUSIGA further called on all Ghanaian Embassies around the world to help promote the Ghanaian culture through cultural exchange. He said this would also help boost the economy.

Commenting on what he will do when he becomes the president of the MUSIGA, Bessa said, he will use his experience and knowledge to enrich the Ghanaian music industry when he becomes MUSIGA president.

Bessa also added that he wants to help musicians to have direction and also help the offices of MUSIGA with enough instruments and logistics.

Meanwhile, he also intends to support artists in their respective genres.

Widow Stops Presbyterian Church After Church Failed To Give Her Welfare Money

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the world’s largest religion with about 2.4 billion Christians who attends different denominations of a church to worship God.

 Although Christians are obliged to attend a church denomination of their choice, Abla Amu, a widow who fellowships with the Presbyterian Church of Ghana – in a recent interview with SVTV Africa revealed that she stopped going to Church because her Church failed to give her welfare money due her when she lost her husband.

 “I have stopped going to Church. I’m a Presbyterian but I have stopped going to that Church, reason being that, when I my husband passed on, the Church failed to give me money. I go to Church, do everything yet the Church didn’t support me when I lost my husband, so I quit the Church.” Abla noted.

 Abla, who is trader at the Tema Community One market, stated that, she prefers to stay at home than go to a place where she will not be valued.

 The issue of Christians not going to Church because of the level of hypocrisy and criticism from other Christians has been in the news lately.

 Is Abla’s reason enough to stop attending church services? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

 I am not a Christian writer. I am a writer who is a Christian. I am a follower of

Christ first before I am a writer. And I also believe that, when it comes to matters of faith, we all have a choice to make

Defeated Assemblyman blames Titus Glover for poor development in Tema East

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Defeated incumbent Assemblyman for Padmore Electoral area in Tema, Hon. Charles Amos has blamed Tema East’s under development on what he says is the lack of good leadership.

Hon. Amos says Tema East’s Member of Parliament, Hon. Daniel Titus Glover is the reason for the constituency’s poor development in the last few years.

He said in an interview with SVTV Africa that, even though the MP doubles as the deputy Minister of Transport, his seems not be concern about the bad roads and the damaged streets light in the constituency.

“In all my four years as an Assemblyman, I can say for a fact that, my MP, Hon. Titus Glover has done nothing for Padmore electoral area, and he is the Deputy Transport Minister yet he seems unconcern about the bad roads and streetlights in the constituency. In all my four years, I have not seen even a single project that he has done.” He added.

Hon. Amos furthered that, he once his visited his MP to inform him about damaged streetlights on the roads only to be given GHS100 as transport when leaving the office.

“I boarded a car to my MP’s office to inform him about the damaged streetlights in my electoral area, but he only gave me GHS100 as transport when going back with the excuse that, the lights will be in soon till date, the lights are not ready.”

The incumbent Assemblyman pointed out that, even though an Assemblyman is supposed to work hand-in-hand with his MP, Hon. Titus Glover fails to answer his calls whenever he calls him.

Hon. Amos urges government to resource the Assembly to be able to executive some project at the Assembly level.

He is confident if Tema East gets the leadership question right, development would follow.

Hon. Amos calls for the mentoring of a new kind of leadership in Ghana that is properly equipped to deal with the problems of the country.

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