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Possi Gee Finally Breaks Silence On Rightful Owner Of Praye’s ‘My Matter

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Music Producer Possi Gee has broken silence on the ongoing feud between rebuilt group Praye and upcoming rapper Yaw Berma.

This comes after the rebuilt Praye group made up of Praye Tintin, Praye Tietia and Praye Honeho (Choirmaster) was accused of stealing a song by a budding artist known as Yaw Berma.

According to Yaw Berma, the young rising musician, he released his song, “Asem” four months ago and he shared the freestyle from the studio and the song into a Whatsapp group Choirmaster is also a member of.

4 months later, Praye has also released a similar song they recorded in the same studio Yaw Berma recorded his song and the freestyle they shared on social media was also shot in the same studio but with a different title “My Matter”, which is a direct English translation of Yaw Berma’s Twi title “Asem”.

But explaining the issue, PossiGee told host DJ Nyaami on SVTV Africa that, Yaw Berma recorded the song in his studio late January this year but he couldn’t mix the song for Yaw Berma because he wasn’t well as that time so Berma has to send it to another producer to mix it. He said Praye on the other hand brought their work this April with the folder name ‘Asem’ but the beat was already produced, so he only mixed and mastered the song.

“Well, Yaw Berma and Joni Blazi came to record the song somewhere in January or February in my studio but unfortunately I couldn’t mix it for him because I wasn’t feeling well as at that time, so he came for it to give it to another person but with Praye, they brought the data this April or May with the title ‘Asem’ mix – PosiGee’ but the beat has already been done by a guy in Lapaz and Eugene did the hooks already, so Praye Tintin, Praye Tietia did their raps and I mix and mastered it’’

Shatta wasn't going on stage to congratulate Stonebwoy - Blakk Rasta

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Ghanaian reggae musician and a radio presenter Blakk Rasta has opined that, Shatta Wale had a different motive going on stage and not to congratulate Stonebwoy.

He told host DJ Nyaami on SVTV Africa that, Shatta Wale promised to cause commotion at the 20th VGMA if things do not go his way and that is exactly what he did. 
"Well, for me, from where I sat and what I saw on TV, there was nothing like he was going to congratulate anybody, Call a spade a spade. Before they play the nominees video, look at how he face was. You know, he promised that, if things do not go they way he wants, he will repeat what he did in 2013 and that's exactly what he did. I don't think he was going there to fight no, he was going there to create a scene and Stonebwoy to brandished a gun on stage because he sensed danger" 

Blakk Rasta suggested that Charter House should ban the two Artistes for two years for bringing disgrace to the scheme and also serve as a deterrent to other Artistes. 

At the 20th anniversary of VGMA, a brawl erupted between Stonebwoy and Shatta Wale camps on stage after Stonebwoy was announced the winner of ‘Reggae/Dancehall Artiste of the Year’, at the VGMA on Sunday which caused the former to pull out a gun.

VGMA 2019 Performances Was Like A Secondary School Show - Blakk Rasta

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Ghanaian reggae musician and a radio presenter Blakk Rasta has opined has said, performances on the 20th anniversary of Vodafone Ghana Music Awards was no different from Secondary School shows back in the day.

Speaking to host DJ Nyaami on SVTV Africa, the renowned broadcaster noted that, he has seen lots of fun-fairs and entertainment show while in high school and the just ended 20th VGMA performances were no different from them.
"Ghanaians will probably insult me for saying this, but I'm not scared of speaking my mind. A lot of the performances was like what I saw in the secondary school when I was coming up. The performances were just below standard. Somebody like, King Promise, Sarkodie were just performing like a CEO, people have paid GHS 400.00 to come and watch you and you're performing like a worm removed from a refrigerator. Is this the performance you want to take to the Grammy? You're joking. Somebody like KiDi, one of my favorite Highlife artist, has disappointed me. Why should you come and mime? You should tell the organizers you're not a miming artiste but you came there and played CD for us. If you go to the secondary school, that's what they do"

Blakk Rasta however commended songstress Efya, Samini and Medikal for putting up an outstanding and energetic performance on the night.

He urged Ghanaian artistes to be more proactive and work on their craft while on stage.

I'm disappointed in Ghana Police For Swiftly Granting Bail to Shatta Wale & Stonebwoy - Lawyer Maurice Ampaw

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Private Legal Practitioner, Maurice Ampaw has expressed disappointment in Ghana police for swiftly processing Shatta Wale & Stonebwoy for court without doing proper investigations.

In an interview with host DJ Nyaami on SVTV Africa, Maurice Ampaw said, event of this nature, the police should have done due diligence and proper investigations before arranging the two for court.
"I'm shock the ministry of creative arts failed to help the organization with security and the security agencies also failed to put up security measures but I'm more disappointed in Ghana police and those who investigated this matter. In the first place, they've rushed too much in settling this case. What investigations have they done? Issues like this, you don't rush in processing them before court. You must gather all your evidence well by talking to people who were there like Kwame Sefa Kaye, Abeiku Santana and the creative arts minister before arranging them for court. The police has rushed too much in processing Shatta Wale & Stonebwoy for court"

He furthered that, Stonebwoy & Shatta Wale should be made to face the full rigorous of the law without any intervention from the President or any other person.

Maurice Ampaw noted that, the two should be fined an amount of GHS2 billion each for their actions and also sign a Bond of good behavior for the next 5 years and default of that should send any of them to jail to serve as a deterrent to other Artistes and bring sanity to Ghana and the industry.

Let's Rise Up & Disband Movements In Ghana - Kaywa

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Celebrated Sound Engineer and producer Davis Kojo Kyei known in showbiz circles as Kaywa has said Ghanaians should rise up and disband fans movements in Ghana. This comes after a brawl erupted between Stonebwoy and Shatta Wale camps on stage after Stonebwoy was announced the winner of ‘Reggae/Dancehall Artiste of the Year’, at the VGMA on Sunday which caused the former to pull out a gun.

Speaking to host DJ Nyaami on 'We Dey Vybe' on SVTV Africa, Kaywa noted that, this scuffles usually happens because of the followers who don't understand themselves. They think their Artiste is better than the other which usually leads to a fight and for that matter movements in Ghana should be disbanded.
"Music is a form of entertainment not a war but the problem is, today every artist says he or she has a group or movement, and this is what usually causes the problem. The followers thinks their Artiste is better than the other and this usually leads to a fight. So the thing is not about the two leaders, it's about the followers. That is the problem, music is about entertainment and not fight. Let's all rise up and disband these movements in Ghana"

He further noted that, "the leaders are not the problem, no! It's the movements, the followers. Let me give you a typical example, in the very season I was trending and Killbeatz too was trending and people started comparing Kaywa to Killbeatz and all that. You hear people saying Killbeatz is better than Kaywa and vice versa but Killbeatz is someone I personally taught sometime back, and every student is better than his teacher so I take pride in that as a teacher. So it's the grassroots that start inciting the fight, but as a leader you should know it's a career, you want to go ahead and don't listen to those things"

Kaywa further advised Artistes to preach unity in their songs and talk to their followers not to fight amongst themselves to bring peace in Ghana and the industry.

MUSIGA: Bessa Simons Is No Different From Obour; They Are Both Crooks – Kwaisey Pee

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Contemporary Highlife artiste, Akwasi Opoku popularly known by his stage name Kwaisey Pee has said outgoing MUSIGA president, Obour is no different from ace highlife artiste Bessa Simons, who is contesting for MUSIGA president in the upcoming MUSIGA elections.

In an interview with host DJ Nyaami on ‘We Dey Vybe’ on SVTV Africa, the “Mehia Odo” singer explained that, musicians in Ghana wants someone better and more business oriented to lead the Musicians Union of Ghana, they should not think Bessa Simons is any different from outgoing president Obour. He described them as selfish and crooks.

“Massa, Bessa Simons is not coming to do anything new because Obour is giving him a back-pass as he is preparing to leave office. It’s because they think we are dumb as musicians, we are not wise. Believe me, Bessa Simons is no different from Obour, they are all crooks and the corruption will still continue”

Kwaisey added that, the union should be given to a business oriented person and not a musician. He said, everything going on at MUSIGA is concert and joke.“They better give that position to a business oriented person, somebody who is not a musician. somebody who have his money already and have the mind of doing business to run that position and stop that concert party they are doing there”

Asked to rank Obour’s tenure as president on a scale of 1-10, he replied “one, yes I will rate him one and even that one, it’s because of the measures he put in support of veteran musicians. The truth is, he hasn’t done much, I mean personally, he has not done much for me while in office. You understand right, I mean I know Obour, he is not my enemy but I can’t lie that he has done so much when in office”

Kwaisey Pee commenting on the controversial Ghs2m given to the union, he said “Remember when Obour was given Ghs2m. When asked what he did with the money, Obour said he used the money for research, how? Ghs2m for research? Bessa Simons was part of his administration yet he sees nothing wrong with it. Obour said, he will only do account to the attorney general and no one else. Look, the bottom line is, no musicians should near that place including me because the corruption will still continue even if I’m the one there. Every musician will use that office or that position to enrich themselves”

Kwaisey Pee revolved round playing with various bands like Jewel’s Ackah’s Butterfly Six and Nana Tuffour’s Sikadwa Band, playing at gigs in different parts of the country.

Over the past decade, he’s released 3 albums:
‘Krokro Me’ - 2000
‘Akono Yaa’ – 2003
‘Nyane Me’ – 2006

‘Konadu’ - 2015

From shows in Europe and in the USA, Kwaisey shuttles back and forth Ghana.

He is currently promoting his new single “Ma Br3” which features sensational female vocalist Yaa Yaa.

I Want Four Children When We Marry - Wendy Shay Tells Future Husband

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Afrobeat Singer, Wendy Shay has sent a strong message to her future husband to prepare for four children when they get married.

The German-born Ghanaian songstress disclosed in an interview with host DJ Nyaami on SVTV Africa after her performance at KikiBees’s karaoke with the stars that, when she gets married, she wants four children from her husband.

“I am not planning to get married now but if I marry I want three or four children. I can’t tell the sex, but whatever God gives me, I will take it’’

Asked at what age she would like to get marry, she said “For now, I’m not thinking about that. It’s all about the music”

Wendy Shay is currently promoting her new single “Stevie Wonder” which she features Shatta Movement Boss Shatta Wale.

To celebrate mothers around the world, Wendy Shay on mother’s day released another single dubbed “Mama Shay” to honour her mother.

I Prefer Live Band Performance To Miming – Adina Reveals

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Award-winning female vocalist, Adina Thembi Ndamse, popularly known by her stage name Adina has revealed that, she prefers live band performance to miming.

In an interview on SVTV Africa at the VGMA Experience concert, the “Killing Me Softly” singer disclosed that, she would always go for a live band performance than miming even though live band is complicated and requires more energy.

“You know I always do live band even though live band requires more energy and it’s complicated but I prefer live band to miming. You only see me miming when the organizers don’t have a live band but mostly I prefer live band”

Adina furthered that, live brand is very complicated unlike miming when the beat is already there, so artists just jump and dance to it on stage but that is not her style.

“Well, when you are doing live band, it requires more energy, your voice has to be on point and your energy but miming, the beat is already there, you will only be jumping and all that but it’s more complicated when doing live band but that’s their style not mine”

Adina is a Ghanaian-South African singer, songwriter, actress and model. She won music reality show “Stars of the Future” in 2008.

Adina will be performing at this year’s Vodafone Ghana Music Awards and also nominated in the categories of Female Vocalist, Highlife Artist, Highlife Song, and Best Collaboration of the Year.

The 20th edition of the VGMA is slated for Saturday May 18, 2019 at the Dome, Accra International Conference Center.

I need a God fearing man to date – Pacy Mordey

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Budding Afrobeats act, Mordey Patricia Sedinam Kafui, known in showbiz as Pacy Mordey has revealed that, he needs a God-fearing man to have a romantic relationship with.

In an interview on SVTV Africa, Pacy Mordey told host DJ Nyaami that, even though she is not ready to date if she changes her mind anytime soon, she will need a God-fearing man to have a romantic relationship with.

“Oh I don’t have a boyfriend and I’m not ready to mingle now but if I’m ready to date first, I need a God-fearing man, a responsible man and someone who can take good care of me’’

When asked if he would like to be in relationship with someone from the entertainment industry she said “Yeah, at first I would like to date a colleague or anybody from the industry but after I slept on a pillow last night, I no longer want to date anyone even from the industry’’

Noted for her unique singing prowess, Pacy Mordey came into the limelight after she dropped her controversial song ‘Koti Beka’ in 2018. The song received massive airplay across the country.

Pacy is currently promoting her new motivational single “Boa Me”, a song that seeks to inspire the youth. The song talks about hope in life and urges people to present their needs and problems to God because He has the solution to them.

Pacy Mordey is signed unto World Map Records, a major record label in Ghana for 5 years.

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